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Dec 05

FREE webinar on how to invest to beat inflation

If you’re wondering WHERE THE HECK to invest your money in these times of high inflation and low interest rates this is the webinar for you!

In this FREE webinar, sponsored by The Royal Mint, we will have investing experts to help us navigate the choppy 2022 investment waters.

In this webinar we will be looking at:

  • Why gold, silver and other money metals tend to do well in inflationary times and how to invest in them.
  • Which other commodities are worth considering and the best way to invest in them.
  • Which stock market funds are likely to do well as prices continue to go up and the best way to invest in them.
  • Whether property is a good investment for 2022 or if the market is likely to crash.

As always with the MoneyMagpie webinars, you will be able to ask any question you like – no question too dumb – and we will be recording the session so you can watch it again if you miss some important points.


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