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Nov 08

Help! I have no savings. What do I do? A FREE webinar

This is a FREE, hour-long webinar where you can find out how to build up a really decent nest-egg from a standing start WHATEVER YOUR AGE.

The webinar will be hosted by TV finance expert Jasmine Birtles and she will be joined by Romi Savova, CEO of the online pension provider PensionBee, together with investing and pensions experts and journalists.

This is a webinar for anyone of any age who wants to have a comfortable retirement and doesn’t know where to start. You can ask any questions you like about

– pensions

– ISAs

– Savings accounts

– Alternative investments

– How to make money on the side

This is the webinar that will give you hope and practical ways to build up a pot of cash that you can live off.

N.B. this webinar will be recorded and uploaded to MoneyMagpie.com later in the year.


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