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Sep 11

How to invest during a recession

Some companies do very, very well out of a recession. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and if you know where to look you can invest in companies that do better than ever in a downturn.

So, if we are coming to the mother of all recessions – as the media keeps telling us – then there must be some astounding investment opportunities lurking in the background.

In this webinar, sponsored by eToro, we have some experts to guide you into the more lucrative areas and companies to invest in in the next 12-24 months including

  • Justin Urquhart-Stewart, founder of 7IM and now of Regionally
  • Sam North, Investment analyst at eToro
  • Tim Price, Co-founder of wealth managers Price Value Partners
  • Nickolai Hubble, Editor of the Fortune and Freedom newsletter

The webinar will be hosted by MoneyMagpie founder and Daily Mail columnist Jasmine Birtles.

You are welcome to send us questions for the panel before the event or ask them at the webinar itself. No question is too dumb! We are happy to answer them all.


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