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Jun 21

How to invest with just a tenner

Join Jasmine Birtles, personal finance expert and founder of MoneyMagpie.com, for an exclusive, 2-HOUR training session on how to start investing.

This is investing 101 – the real beginner’s guide to investing in the stock market and elsewhere. No questions too dumb, come along with your queries and concerns and we will address them all. At the end of this hour you will understand the basics of investing and will be able to put money into stock market funds.

Jasmine covers

  • how to prepare your finances for investing
  • how to create a savings safety net
  • how to invest the easy way in the stock market
  • how to choose other investments including pensions, property, bonds and commodities

It’s particularly good for people who are looking to build up their retirement fund or other long-term goals and don’t know where to start.


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