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May 10

Will one of the crypto coins be the new world currency? If so which one?

Join our experts in this FREE webinar (sponsored by eToro), to find out which of the cryptocurrencies could potentially become the new world currency…if any!

Will it be Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or XRP or one of the stablecoins?

Is there a new coin that looks like it could take over the better-known ones.

Are any of them more likely to become a world-beating currency or should you just invest in a basket of currencies and ‘wait and see;’?

Join our experts

  • Jennifer Arcuri of Hacker House
  • Sam North of eToro
  • Sam Volkering from Southbank Investments
  • Jim Osman of The Edge consultancy

…as they tell our host, Jasmine Birtles (MoneyMagpie.com) what they see as the front runners for the new world financial order.

Join us for FREE and find out how you can profit from the new currency wars.


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