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10 easy ways to make quick cash

10 easy ways to make quick cash

JasmineWant to make quick cash right now? Check out our ten top ways to make money fast, with the least amount of effort possible.

Perhaps you’re looking for easy ways to make money online from the comfort of your sofa, or perhaps you want to make sure your credit report is accurate and up to date so you can get the best deals.

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Make money with Toluna

logo_toluna_09Toluna is a great site to join up to. You not only earn points which you can later redeem for fantastic prizes, but you also have the opportunity to get free goodies.

Toluna have loads of products they need to have tested, such as hair gel and lip balm, so if you sign up you can get new things every month. Right now, for example, they’re getting people to test out men’s hair gel and some glossy lip balm.

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Make money with your smartphone

Make quick cash selling your things

Make Quick Cash with ebayMake quick cash from your junk today! Clear your cupboards and your debts and quickly see how to make money by selling your old books, CDs and games. A survey by Swapgame  found that we could be debt-free as a nation if we sold our £1.8 billion of unused computer games!

We have a few article here that can help you get started:

the moneymagpie mobile recycling comparison tool

Free solar panels for your home

Solar panels on roof of houseAt Moneymagpie we’re keen on saving money going green, which is why we’re big fans of A Shade Greener.They’re able to offer FREE solar panels for your home (worth up to £14,000) and you’re able to save money on your energy bill! It’s not available to all homes so you’ll need to enquire to see if you’re eligible.Click here to see if you can get free solar panels.

Be paid for your opinion – online surveys

This is a sporadic way to make quick cash and it brings in a relatively small income, but it’s low effort and you’ve nothing to lose. It’s a great way to make quick cash from the comfort of your computer but make sure you NEVER pay to join an online survey site or reveal your credit card details.

Inside tip! Here are our favourite online survey sites. They’re completely free and have received a big thumbs-up from many of you. For maximum earnings set up a separate email account (so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with survey-related emails) and then register for free with all of them: Quick Cash from Online Surveys

If you like the sound of making quick cash through filling out online surveys make sure you check out our full article right here on the safe way to earn money by taking paid surveys.

Visit Jasmine’s YouTube Channel

How to make quick cash by jasmineFor a whole range of quick cash making and money saving tips you should visit Jasmine’s YouTube channel.

Jasmine will give you all the advice you’ll need, from how to make quick cash selling your hair to whether it’s best to use cash or a credit card when you’re on holiday.Click here to visit Jasmine’s YouTube channel.

Make sure your credit report is accurate and up to date

credit rating reportYour credit report summarizes your credit history, and it’s what lenders look at when they size up your credit application.

So it’s important to make sure that the data and information on it is accurate and up-to-date, to give yourself the best chance of getting the deals you want – and at the rates you want.  Missed or late payments, different ways of listing your name and address, financial links to other people can all have an impact. Getting it right could help you to understand, protect and improve your finances.

The Experian Credit Score is a guide to help you understand your credit report, and how lenders might see your credit history. It can help you keep an eye on your progress before you next apply for credit.

You can get help finding finance deals that suit your credit profile, and see your credit report and Experian Credit Score whenever you want, with a 30-day trial of Experian CreditExpert.*

*A Monthly fee of £14.99 applies after your trial. You may cancel during your 30 day trial without charge. 30 day free trial available to new customers only. Trial period starts on registration – further ID verification may be required to access the full service which may take up to 5 days.

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sharetips2013Everyone has goals for the future. At Moneymagpie we are big advocates of stocks and shares ISAs as they outperform cash ISAs over the long term.

This guide will help you understand more about stocks and shares ISAs, what they can offer and what types of investments can be included in this tax efficient wrapper. Download this free guide now to get all the information you need.

Dianomi have a great selection of guides available on a lot of different topics.

Make up to £400 a month as a mystery shopper!

Fancy getting paid to eat out, shop and even go on holiday? Try mystery shopping!

Our editor Jasmine has been a mystery shopper for over five years now, earning decent money on the side while bagging brilliant freebies left, right and centre.Make quick cash mystery shopping Now you can too! Download your special guide for:

  • A step-by-step walkthrough on how to become a mystery shopper
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Win £30,000 worth of prizes

moneyDownload the free Nielsen Survey App on to your home computer and be entered into a competition to win prizes worth up to £30,000!

This is such an easy way to potentially make big money, which is why we’re so keen on it… you don’t really have to do anything. The longer you keep it on your computer, the more competition entries you will get, it’s as simple as that.

Download the app here now.

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263 Responses to “10 easy ways to make quick cash”

  1. Kumar says:

    Thanks for giving useful tips to earn money online. I would like to try these tips .

  2. Ian Harper says:

    If you really want to make some real money you need a proven strategy that works! A system that has generated more online success than any other system to date. Why don’t you check it out?

  3. Anaida says:

    If you want to earn extra income, find jobs online here only at WorkFromHomeJobOffers

  4. Mary says:

    thanks for this useful article ,i like to learn more a bout how to

    Make money online

  5. Sara Lane says:

    My quick money making tips:

    1. Look round your house for things you no longer like/need/use – sell on local Facebook selling sites or in your local paper – ads are free
    2. If you have anything not big or valuable enough to warrant listing individually, bundle it all up and do a car boot sale – your unloved stuff will be someone else’s treasure
    3. Join a cash back site and use it for online shopping – the cash back quickly adds up

  6. victoria thurgood says:

    i like selling in local facebook groups

  7. Shelley Jessup says:

    I’m always up for making money as I seemed to spend a lot of it! Thank you for all advice. I used to belong to a survey site but found it was a lot of work for a little back however I found that if I saved up from the surveys & withdrew my money/vouchers at Christmas once a year I found even that small amount of money a saviour!

  8. karen T says:

    My favourite is buying stuff cheap at the car boot sale and then selling it on Ebay!

  9. Jamie Millard says:

    Start young and never lose the entrepreneurial spirit.

    When I was young, I used to walk the paths near the local golf course where I would find a lot of lost golf balls (not running on to the course to steal them!) I’d then sell them in bundles to guys in my dad’s work who were just starting out so needed cheap balls as they are likely to lose a lot.

    I used to go down to the local factories and collect their empty bottles of Irn Bru. Each had a 30p bottle return deposit. They had no desire to return them, so I was happy to oblige to free up the space for them – and claim the cash.

    I used to hold jumble sales, selling unused toys to other local kids. This mentality has never left me and I now sell unused/unwanted items on eBay.

    They should team more money management, entrepreneurial skills in schools from a young age.

  10. Debbie Bird says:

    I sell things on Ebay people will buy almost anything and even small amounts can add up

  11. Stuart says:

    Favourite hobby is looking to purchase items as cheaply as possible and then ‘saving’ the savings I have made.

  12. Sally W says:

    My favourite way of earning extra money is ‘food tasting’

  13. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I have tried doing surveys to earn money but find that it takes a long time to earn enough to receive payment. Also, some of the sites require you to fill in so many questionnaires and you also get a fair amount of spam from them. It is the same with product testing – I have applied on a few sites and each time I have to submit the same “lifestyle” questionnaire – which goes from one to another and then another, and leads to spam.

  14. sandra says:

    I enjoy selling at car boots.

  15. Sarah Parker says:

    I like to enter competitions to get a few extra bits :)

  16. milli says:

    I enter competitions. I don’t win a lot but have fun doing them.

  17. Barbara Handley says:

    I complete several surveys every week and have just saved £150 off the price of a new laptop at Argos by using points and vouchers. I used to do competitions quite intensively for a few small wins but at least with surveys you know your effort will definitely be rewarded.

  18. Jenny Rogers says:

    I do online surveys and also enter competitions.

  19. Rebecca Barnes says:

    Not really ‘make’ money but definitely save it… we love homebrewing! We still venture to our local pubs but don’t buy in as many big brands.
    Otherwise, I scout out freebies to review and some mystery shopping!

  20. Sharon Griffin says:

    i make and sell my handmade needlefelt crafts to make a little extra cash, i love to create things and to have someone buy them from me is fantastic

  21. Ali Thorpe says:

    I am torn regarding eBay. Whereas once, it was a place full of interesting unwanted items, now it is full of thousands of the same types of cheap item sold by thousands of the same kind of seller. Having said that, it is definitely a way of making a little money when having a clear out, especially for unused and/or collectible items, when selling unwanted video games etc. Having tried selling on a couple of eBay’s competitor sites, I think there is no worthwhile alternative to eBay online. Maybe one day!

  22. priya t says:

    selling your unwanted items on ebay can really boost your income

  23. Linda Sallie Guest says:

    Think about what you are good at and like doing. , My father grows plants and sells them on to a local hardware shop, it’s his hobby and he loves doing it. He also sells excess veg from the allotment. My hobby is knitting so I make and sell baby clothes to friends, family and sometimes complete strangers. So few people knit now and a handmade gift is always lovely for a new baby. I’ve always got orders for cardies, bootees and hats.

  24. claire haskins says:

    I sell alot of my unwanted stuff on facebook selling sites

  25. Heather Haigh says:

    Entering competitions is my favourite money making hobby.

  26. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    I sell unwanted goods on Ebay but fancy the idea of getting into doing Surveys!

  27. Lynda S says:

    At the moment I do competitions as I’ve retired due to ill health and can only do certain things

  28. louise mcnicol says:

    I like to sell on ebay, we always have clothes bundles etc and it is a great way to earn a little extra.

  29. Ncornfo says:

    Cash back websites are definitely the easiest way to make extra cash. I also do online surveys and enter comps.

  30. Lesley Walsh says:

    Selling unwanted items on eBay

  31. Miriam KRUTSKA says:

    Ebay and some surveys there are always lots of clutter around and in my 4 sisters houses

  32. Charlotte Ingham says:

    Selling unwanted items on ebay and amazon

  33. Jazz says:

    selling clutter as it also frees up space :)

  34. Danielle Vedmore says:

    I use money back sites like Quidco and Topcashback when buying things online – it all adds up!

  35. Graeme says:

    Selling stuff on ebay – I’m amazed at what people will buy.

  36. fozia says:

    I love making jewellery and selling it at local craft fairs.

  37. Penny Ford says:

    Entering competitions. Its a great hobby

  38. israr baig says:

    Cash Back Sites – Quidco

  39. Maggie Coates says:

    I enjoy entering competitions. It doesn’t make me a lot of money, but does bring the occasional treat. I also enjoy car boot sales.

  40. Dawn F says:

    I like entering competitions to get a chance to own things I’d never otherwise afford.

  41. Jen english says:

    I love crafting so recently decided to try and make money from it. I’ve got an Etsy page, a Facebook page, a Crafters Boutique page and hope to set up my own website soon. It’s not easy to find buyers and it takes time but hopefully I’ll get more and more known and sales will gradually build.

  42. Louise M says:

    I make extra cash grooming people’s pedigree long haired cats. It takes about an hour per cat but makes a lot of money :)

  43. hayley berry says:

    Sell any unwanted items on ebay or a local selling page on facebook. Make sure you always put a good description of the item as this can boost more people wanting to buy your items.

  44. Andrew Hindley says:

    Buying and Selling on Ebay

  45. Evette Gabriella Williams says:

    Many of my friends give me their clothes instead of giving them to charity. I sell the best on eBay and package cheapest way so postage is cheap. What is left, I weigh them in and make money on this too! I often treat my friends as an incentive to give me more clothes.

  46. CJ Smith says:

    I enjoy completing surveys for extra cash :)

  47. tamalyn roberts says:

    i like selling things on ebay, its fun

  48. liz denial says:

    I use topcashback when making purchases

  49. Emily Hallett says:

    I write articles for Textbroker or just do some overtime at work.

  50. Dawn Canning says:

    My favourite money making hobby is scouring charity shops and car boots for eye catching items, especially those that could be interpreted as ‘Retro’ or ‘Shabby Chic’. I buy them, tidy them up a bit, if required, and then sell them on for a small profit. It’s not going to make me a millionaire, but I find it satisfying and enjoy doing it.

  51. Sue D says:

    Buying at jumble sales and car boots and selling on auction sites and boot sales can bring in extra cash

  52. Vicky S says:

    I love selling old stuff we don’t want anymore. Usually on Gumtree as you get more of the price. It earns us money and declutters at the same time!

  53. Lesley-Ann Dunn says:

    I spend a considerable amount of time both entering competitions and filling in surveys – the surveys make me quite a bit of extra cash and, although I’m having a dry spell at the moment, in the past I’ve won a lot from doing all the competitions (holidays, vouchers, cash, electronics). Luckily I really enjoy both pastimes!

  54. Caroline Clarke says:

    I enjoy doing surveys from pineconeresearch and Populusive.

  55. George Worboys Wright says:

    I like having a clear out & selling things I no longer need.

  56. Portia Mattinson says:

    I am a comper, been doing it now for 2 years and I love it. It doesn’t tend to win me money as such, the prizes I’ve won I think I’ve only sold around 3 on. For example last Christmas I won around £400.00 of toys in the months leading up to it for my boys. I can’t remember the last time I bought. Face cream. It saves me money, and the items that are no good to my family, I pass on to friends or donate them to my kids school for fates.

  57. Em S says:

    I may try surveys but they sounds like hard work. I do enjoy sellign on Ebay though…

  58. Jenny says:

    Not sure if it’s really money making, but I get back a bit of my money by selling on my old clothes etc. when I’m finished with them.

  59. lou chaud says:

    To buy stocks!

  60. Greig spencer says:

    i enter competitions and wins oime fabulous stuff, it saves me lotsof cash

  61. Neil says:

    Just read an article called ‘7 ways the super wealthy people think about their money’ saying that the super rich go out less. So maybe that is what some are doing wrong!

  62. JO says:

    I think the best way to make make is to be careful with what you spend. Every penny counts, so if you can, make it, swap for it, upcycle it or plan it well in advance it can save soo much money that can save you having to earn more.

  63. Kasia says:

    I’m selling my old clothes and stuff I don’t use anymore.

  64. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    To be honest I don’t believe that eBay is a big money maker these days. Increased fees and postage mean that the money made is vastly reduced from the final auction price. There are lots of local communities on Facebook where you can upload images of items you wish to sell. As it is a local thing, people are generally be happy to collect and pay in cash.

  65. Jane Willis says:

    Have you seen the price of greetings cards in the shops? By making your own, you can not only save a lot of money, but sell them to other people to earn some money – just don’t spend ALL of it on more cardmaking supplies!

  66. mark says:

    pinecombe num 1 site.the rest are all scams.wont be coming back here again.

  67. Mary says:

    Thank you for this useful article i really like it

  68. Harrymian says:

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  70. kevin says:

    thank you so much for sharing this awesome article

  71. Anna Paige says:

    I have tried a few online surveys and made a bit of cash from them. I was a bit suspicious at first but so far so good! #competition

  72. Shobir Ali says:

    Great post. Very inspirational. I will try some of the methods here

  73. Shobir Ali says:

    Great post. Very inspirational. I will try some of the methods here

  74. Shobir Ali says:

    Great post. Very inspirational. I will try some of the methods here

  75. Shobir Ali says:

    Great post. Very inspirational. I will try some of the methods here

  76. Bob says:

    Get off your bums and get a job. Sitting there moping into your cold tea. Christ life is really not that bad, unless you let it be. Get up, go the job centre, do your CV, find a job, there are thousands out there.

    • Andy says:

      Alright while it is true that some people are looking for a get rich quick scheme, the truth is there aren’t any and people that sell you one are going to rip you off.
      I work online and it can be very hard work there’s no guarantees that you will make any money. However with the right training and tactics you can give yourself a good chance.
      Check out my new site and leave a comment I’m always trying to improve.

  77. Tanveer Rameez says:

    if you want money, work for it. Simple. There is no free lunch. The amount of time spent on surveys, competition and only with few successful returns, I think the same amount of time spent in some work (that can even be cleaning toilets, standing with a sign pointing to that restaurant etc) will give u more money.

  78. Laura Quayle says:

    Well I would, if I knew how to pronounce “hsit” :-)

  79. Laura Quayle says:

    I use quite a few survey sites and have found some are much better than others! I would definitely steer clear of Toluna – I very rarely finish a survey, and very often have spent 10 or 15 minutes on it before I get screened out (after providing lots of useful opinions, which they say they don’t use unless you complete the survey….hmm), their customer service is non-existent, and as another poster said your points suddenly “expire” if you get anywhere near enough to buy a voucher. I’ve recently joined Inbox Pounds, who as well as sending surveys which very rarely screen me out, send paid e-mails too, basically adverts for other companies, and if I click the link I get 1p. Doesn’t sound much but soon adds up, and the survey rewards are quite generous, I’ve just done one that took 10mins and earned 75p, which is credited straight away, unlike some other sites where you don’t get it till weeks later. The threshold for payouts is £20 – I’ve been doing it for a fortnight and I’m up to £5.13 already :-)

  80. Queer duck says:

    Folks – you’re all missing the obvious here! What about good old fashioned gambling?! Try low stakes football pools or something!!Even the lottery – why not!!!
    But remember – stay in control!!!

  81. zaak says:

    makesfreemoniesonline/ good sight for making money

  82. Jack says:

    how do i get easy money

  83. Vivi Torris says:

    Thanks for the great tips – I’ve been looking for ways to make quick cash for awhile now. I’m doing all the sensible save money things – like carpooling and buying groceries in bulk, etc., but it’s still nice to have options to make money too.

    Really loved the tips – here are some more for beautiful people – I guess pretty ones have more quick fast options.

  84. john leon says:

    let me tell you guys one thing….that you can’t get just rich with these survey sites….most of the people don’t qualify for the surveys and if they do…then they are screened out in the middle of the survey and you don’t get a penny for that….while searching google I came across many sites..
    on that site there are given far more better ways in which a person can earn money more easily through facebook or youtube too.

    I hope this well you people

  85. becci says:

    I started doing surveys in October 2012 and now in march 2013 between me and the hubby we have made £160 so far and im planning to do them all year then i will have vouchers to spend on Christmas presents to help keep the costs down 😀

  86. Laura Es says:

  87. DutchinSpain says:

    This is all so bullshit. The only people who eran money from al this affliate programs and other stuff..are the people who create the site and program. If you wanna earn,it takes you years. I tryed everything. The only way i was earning 300 euro´s a week..was as chat operator. I am from the netherlands. I moved out and now i living on the spansich island majorca. here everything is cheap and live is great.I make music in bars and clubs and i can survive. Now im looking for a girl/women who wanna join me here…..i have a room..

  88. Taran says:

    Great article and some really valuable tips.Thanks so much.

  89. I am a member of most of those survey sites. Haven’t received a penny as none of the surveys I took part in finished. You only get paid if you finish the survey and all of them rejected me.

    The only survey site worth joining is YouGov. I am on my way to my third £50 in 9 years.

    • britneybunny24 says:

      Yeah I have signed up for loads of them and never got a penny, I even completed mine and still not got a penny and I even ended up spending money!! Ridiculous

  90. disqus_8NH6Kx84qC says:

    @27tone27 uve obviously got tinternet so go look at job sites. Try getting up early and making some calls. Want to earn money then u have to want to earn money then make money make money. No malice or ridicule intended just a bit of a pick up.

    • Bob says:

      How rude, you do know local library’s and some public areas have internet access for free. You can’t judge someone by one post.

    • Hearsay 89 says:

      Most of the so called survey sites are cons and scams and make it near impossible to make any real money on them, my advice to anyone is don’t even waste your time

  91. There is a good way to make money which became one of my best methods to earn a huge sum of money.

    It is called connecting. A special way of helping people in exchange of building my network. Let me describe it.

    I usually look around and talk with my contacts and ask about their job, business and I help them by introducing them to other people.

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    This is powerful guys so make money with it.

  92. SLICETHEPIE says:

    Best way of earning money by rating and reviewing songs for a lot of money.

  93. ken says:

    all those ideas i have tried them and they do not work. I thought it was just me but i happened to talk with other people trying to make money online and they had the same thing.
    point- They do not work and alot of them are scams!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No, none of them is a scam. We have tested them all and they wouldn’t be on this page and in our website if they were a scam. If you think they are, name them and show how they are scams? We have tested them all and we know them all so we stand by them

  94. Jon says:

    Rafael. How do i do this in the uk?

  95. TCP1960 says:

    Sadly many replies are from spammers/scammers trying to get vulnerable and naive people to sign up to their rackets.

  96. ali says:

    Just read in the Mail about your site. I am just about to do surveys will keep you updated. Hope it is a good year!! Thanks Hilary

  97. Antony says:

    Well,I thought id check your site out,but like most others it seems set up for people financially better off than myself. If I had jewelry or even jars of coin or a car I could probably do something with these myself,but as I haven’t even had the price of a bag of chips in over a month,there is nothing here that can help me.If it wasn’t for local shops throwing away out of date food I’d be starved by now.The annoying thing is if I did have “spare” jewelry lying about or even a car to advertise on I could do something but this like other similar sites seem aimed at people wanting a little extra whereas I don’t even have the basics.I know, I’m not living “hardly even surviving”. Please,if you have any practical ideas to help,I would love to hear them.I’m not stupid,just really down on my luck. All possible help would be gratefully received and with luck help me get back on track. Thank you in advance

  98. Jack Grobetski says:

    Hey guys join clixsense please this PTC site is obviously [NOT] a scam they paid me 11 bucks last week feel free to join and please if you do do it with my link.I’ll send u proof there 😀
    RATES: 10-50 c/day first month 1-2$/day next month and so on!

  99. jennifer says:


    this is the site i use to earn cash fast!!

  100. jen says: was a horrible experience not worth the time as they had nothing of value to offer, I feel as though I have divulged too much information, and a little vulnerable because of it, the worst type of survey company

  101. Chris says:

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  102. Martin says:


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  103. Lui says:

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  104. Diane says:

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  105. David says:

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    I basically got a free loan for a month!

    I never usually post things on-line but I was so happy with the service, I felt obliged to let as many people know about it as I could!

    I would recommend this to anyone who is tight for cash and needs a loan or even if you want to sell something of yours. Much easier than going through the hassle process of ebay or something similar.

  106. TracyGrahn says:

    Any scheme that suggests you will make money fast should be very carefully scrutinized before you involve yourself. Don’t spend money to get money on such schemes; if you haven’t got much money right now, keep it to put food on the table or you may never see its worth again.
    Raid every part of your house where you are likely to have stashed money––money boxes, coat pockets, jean pockets, spare bags, vacation bags, down the back of the couch, underneath furniture, in jars stashed at the back of the cupboard, etc. Think! It may be possible that there are lots of coins that can be discovered and they might even be enough to cover a grocery run or night out.

    Everybody wants to make money in the times of inflation but the method adopted must be safe enough. I suggest gold and Silber kaufen
    trading is also a good way of making money.

  107. Tanya says:

    found this list and will give it a try. Always looking for some extra cash to make ends meet and some of those tips are quite appealing to me.
    Spcifically like the sell jewellery one. Might have a good clearout at home and see what bits and pieces I can up with that I don’t wear any more.

    • Lauren Forbes says:

      Hi Tanya,

      We’re really chuffed that you’ve found our tips useful. 62 Days is a great company so make sure you give them a go. Thanks for your feedback,

      the Moneymagpie team

      • Tanya says:

        As I said I would, I tried 62days last week and it worked really well.
        Found several jewellery bits and bobs that I no longer needed (or even knew I had) and they gave me a good price for it. Even better, I didn’t have to do much, they organized the whole thing for me.
        Their customer service followed it up, explained me all that’s happening and even phoned to let me know that the money is on its way.
        Really great tip, once again thanks a lot moneymagpie for bringing it to my attention.

  108. Jessica jones says:

    Dear money magpie,

    I’m looking to earn some quick cash, I have another baby on the way and want to do what I can when I can, or am able to before my bump gets too big! I looked through your site, thanks for the great tips, I will do some online surveys, mystery shopping for sure. Can I just say, the section you added on make money from your car is priceless… I never would have though of it. I read the comments from your readers and I decided to sign up with company called Advertise On My Car. I signed up and it told me that I can have £100 a month for adverts just on my doors of the car taking the mileage into account and my car make. I’m really pleased, sooner they get the advert on, the better, can put that in an ISA account, get free money from driving and hopefully get a little interest if I’m lucky. Really pleased for your advice thanks again

    • Lauren Forbes says:

      Hi Jessica,

      That’s great news! Thanks so much for letting us know, and good thinking regarding putting the extra cash into an ISA account – smart woman. Good luck with the new baby.

      The Moneymagpie team

  109. points to shop says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  110. Mr.Rajib says:

    When you sign onto the Web to check your email, you likely see at least one or two ads telling you about online survey programs. Although most people don’t take these things seriously, you can really make easy money with these various programs. In fact, there are several ways to earn money doing online surveys. Take a look at these tips to use that will help you make the most money you possibly can with online surveys.
    When it comes to trying to make money using online surveys, the key is to sign up for as many free programs you can. Each program may only offer you a few survey opportunities each month. However, if you have ten companies offering you a few each month, you will have a better chance at actually making some money from your time. So, don’t be afraid to sign up as often as you can!
    Overall, there is money to be made with online surveys. Be sure to use these tips on ways to earn money doing online surveys and before long you will enjoy those extra funds rolling in. In addition, many survey companies will often send you free merchandise or coupons as well. You may even be asked to test out various products. It is a lot of fun to participate in online survey programs, so go ahead and give it a try. A typical survey takes less than ten minutes and might even be enjoyable to you. Just don’t tell too many of your friends, or you might not get as many survey opportunities as you would like!

  111. Lola@moneywaysonline says:

    Online surveys are not meant to make people big money. It’s ok for people who are doing it for just a little bit of cash. However, there many other things one can do in addition to this to make it worth their while.

  112. Sandy says:

    Needing Money Now and have something to pawn. I have heard of someone who every month pawns two pieces of jewellery and gets £300 for both. This person puts in one and gets £200 for that and I think if he leaves it in over the month it costs £25 extra to retrieve it. He uses the other piece either to help retrieve the first – mostly within the month but sometimes not. In difficult months he pawns both together and either gets one out at a time and pays the extra over-the-month fee of £25 or £50 if its 2 months etc.
    Hope this helps those desperate for cash in a hurry. God Bless you all.

  113. Marcos says:

    I’m participating in online surveys. It really is a good tip, I have received my first payment. : D

  114. Cole McLister says:

    Hi I’ve just come across your site and you have some really useful tips. I live in the UK and I’ve found that selling your gold is the fastest way to get quick cash. The gold can even be broken pieces. Otherwise I’d sell dvd’s, games consoles and old mobiles on ebay (they do a lot of no insertion fee weekends) or gumtree. The other thing I do is trawl job sites. A few companies now ask for applications to be sent in to add your name to a work list for contract jobs as and when they come up. I’ve just managed to get work this way myself and most pay weekly. Lastly, any money you do make put into an ISA or savings account or premium bonds (UK). One last thing to try (I’ve done this loads) is go round all the nooks and cranies of your house and collect all your loose change. In the UK you can take them to the coin star booths and cash in your money that way (although do be aware that the machine will take a small percentage of the change). I hope some of this helps. All the best x

  115. Stefanie says:

    Sadly, most of your suggestions cannot be applied if you live in Ecuador-South America, like me. :( The worst part is, that everyone around the world thinks we’re doing great, which is a HUGE lie. Our government is absolutely NOT what it appears to be, but you can only know that if you’re living here. They are all bloodsuckers. Sorry for changing the subject though :/ Congrats on the webpage, figure it’s really usefull for people living in the US.

  116. Josh says:

    hey my names josh
    my parents dont want me to hav a job cause i need to focus on my studies :(
    i get $10 a week but its not enough im planning on buying a car in the next 2 years but ive got no money :(
    please help

  117. Steve King says:

    Errrr…that should read “Every month”…


    Great site! I must also say that Jasmine’s book is a very good read..go buy!

  118. Steve King says:

    Has anyone mentioned the various partnership programmes that are available?

    If you own a website it can be as simple as adding a few links. When people click on the links and buy, you get a percentage of the revenue. WHy not use dead space on your website to make money

    Amazon and Clickbank favourites and at the moment I’m having particular success with Seek-a-date (Probably because it’s not all over the place)

    Yes, they only produce a small amount of money, some might even say it’s not worth the hassle but it covers my ISP bills and pays for a few beers every moth.

  119. Roger says:

    How about starting an online fundraiser and crowdfunding your financial needs on a site like /gogetfunding./

  120. iain says:

    some great advice there thanks

  121. big fish says:

    interesting articles to read 2011

  122. Lorri Rafala says:

    People be smart.Buy in bulk. Plant your own vegetables. (Lettuce grows like a weed.) Give gifts of food items. Cancel cable. Get chickens. Stop watering your lawn. Learn to raise livestock. A single lamb is extremely easy. Find ways to reduce /eliminate heating & air expenses. Lease a hybrid dump your gas guzzling car you will actually save money. Eat whole foods / eliminate processed packaged items and save significantly. Buy silver. Any move to self-sufficiency is better than none. Then encourage others.

    • Honey says:

      Don’t keep just one lamb (or any other animal) as they are herd animals and it is crule to keep them alone. Even if you do plan to murder and eat them later.

    • Simon says:

      How the hell would I keep all those animals in my small flat!! think man THINK!

  123. jhi says:

    i will like to be a dog walker please can you contact me with more details.


  124. Ben says:

    Jasmine Birtles, rhymes with turtles

  125. lauren johanson says:

    i have loads of teenage books i really need to get rid of but have no idea where to do it, have looked on amazon but it will cost me more for post and package than to sell them in the first place.

    • Sarah says:

      Have you considered bootsales? I’m in the same position, 2 crates full of old books! Good for old clothes and unwanted gifts too.

    • Glyn316 says:

      A good way similar to Amazon is they are free and dead easy to use! Enter the ISBN number and it brings up the details all you have to do is enter condition of book…You pay P&P but you get about £3 plus per book, more than at a carboot and without getting up early!

  126. Sazz says:

    I’m on pre-payment meter for the electic and gas at the moment, so what I did was to top up my meter by more than what I should’ve have done, not use much, as I’m saving it for when the big chill finally happens.

    I’m also an avid bagain hunter, where you get brand new goods from places like Matalan, TK Maxx, Market Places, Second Hand Furniture shops, as I recently had to furnish my new flat. You have to make it enjoyable.

    I also have an ISA, the interest on there really did help me.

    Also have a look at your local pound shops, it’s not always as you can expect, as you can get really good stuff from there.

    Certain supermarkets also have good deals.

  127. Ben says:

    Hi there,

    I have recently been discharged from the Army due to injury and haven’t been compensated due to it having been an injury that first developed before I joined.

    I am stuck in a vicious circle of payday loans that over the months have been building bigger and bigger in size. I receive my last wage from the Army at the end of this month.

    I’ve begun working in a kitchen as a Kitchen Porter, which I can just about get by on when it comes to my everyday expenses (rent, food, bills, etc… the usual!)

    However, I need to make a couple of thousands pounds within the next month or I face major repercussions financially and will hit the point of no recovery!

    I think I have a good aptitude for writing, but are there actually reasonable ways of making money over the net through article writing, or ghost-writing?

    To be honest, I am absolutely desperate to earn extra money outside of my fulltime hours.

    Many thanks, I’ve found this site to be genuinely informative and helpful.

    • Hi Ben,

      So sorry to hear about this. You’re going through a tough time.

      I’m sure you know about them already but just in case, do speak to the forces charities to see if they have any emergency funding available. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

      Do make sure you also talk to one of the debt charities like CCCS, the CAB or National Debtline. Also don’t forget Christians against Poverty who are likely to have a group near you and could help. Any of these organisations can stop you getting into serious trouble if the cash doesn’t come in.

      You can make money through writing although it’s not easy. To start with I suggest you get into writing letters to magazines as we show here You can make £200 for very little effort, particularly if you’ve got some good pictures. Also, set up your own blog now so that you get practice in writing and also have something to show for yourself if you want to say you’re a writer.

      Also get some cash in by signing up to focus groups and doing part-time work for marketing agencies

      Take a look around the Make Money section of Moneymagpie and you’ll find loads of really good ideas to get some money in. However, make sure you talk to the debt advice charities at the same time.

      Let us know how you do! Jasmine

      • Sharad says:


      • Kerrie says:


        I know it’s not along the same lines as writing, but have you ever considered clinical trials? If you’re looking to gain a quick couple of thousand pounds and you are healthy, you could consider it. I have considered it, but there are factors which mean I can’t do it. I would if I could though.

        Good luck whatever you decide to do. I’m in a difficult situation too, with debts I just want to get rid of!


      • Pat Banton says:

        I am living in Canada and came across your site by chance but I am finding it very useful although I cannot use many of the sites you mention in the UK. Have just run off your article on mailing letters to magazines and would ask if it is possible for you to make the articles more printer friendly!! When I clicked “Print This Article” I expected a print friendly version but had to print 10 (ten) pages just to get the two pages I needed. Just a suggestion!
        Thanks for a great e-magazine

  128. Sarah says:

    If your determind you can overcome anything. When i couldn’t afford to pay the rent, i offered to do work for the landlord to reduce what i owed. For the block of flats i lived in, i became the cleaner, the gardener, and the handy(wo)man. I built brick walls, painted everything!, dug holes, and scrubbed floors. I had kept a roof over my head, only for the landlord to put the lovely clean/painted/tidy block of flats up for sale! I though look what i’ve done here, and decided to do it for myself! I went around estate agents looking for cheap properties (not 1’s usually displayed) Found 1 that was unmorgageable. I convinced family/friends/everyone i knew to lend me what they could afford. I put in an offer and got it. Moved in with no hot water or heating. I paid everyone back with interest in just 6 years. I worked very hard, used every penny to pay back what i borrowed before spending anything on the house. I had a full time shop job, worked my days off from that at another branch. Got an early morning cleaning job, and another cleaning job at a warehouse, answered the phone for a takeaway shop 2 nights a week. And did a couple of hours a week tagging clothes in the shop next door. When i sold that house i made £80,000 profit! I now own a 3 bed semi, and have 3 p/t cleaning jobs, and have been offered more! I have learnt that takeaways are a good place to work at dinnertime! And there are jobs out there if your willing to do the jobs others dont want! Always jobs avalable for cleaners! Hard work pays!!!

    • Jayne says:

      Inspirational…………..keep going.

      • Jayne says:

        ps Have you thought of renting out one of your rooms; you can pay off your mortgage early. You could then rent out that house and start a business. There are plenty of people in need of good, reasonably charged rooms. I did this due to illness and couldnt work.
        I have also read pieces by landlords/ ladies who have combined this with social enterprise work.
        Ive been on both sides of the coin now; awful landlords etc and flat shares and found this was all useful experience.
        Oh and I watched plenty of DIY horror stories and just had a go at jobs once my health improved, eg clearing the drains ( didnt need to pay for a colonic irrigation after that) , painting and learned from professionals.
        I have turned my hand to gardening and planted herbs/ fruit and vegetables. So much damage has been done by paving over front and back gardens. I intend branching ( pun intended)out with this next year , either selling plants or doing some gardening. I was sharing a garden and trying to feed myself but sadly someone got access and stole my tools before Christmas , but Ill start again once I can afford new tools and a secure garage door. Alternatively, plenty of people are looking for peices of land to garden for free and quite often people share the produce.
        Keep going………..

  129. Surviver says:

    Unfortunately I became unemployed just over a year ago. I am single, female and whey over 50 and not much chance of another job. Benefits did not cover rent on my small one bedroom flat or cover water, gas, electric. I applied for over 280 jobs in the first 6 months, not even an interview. I had to retrain but could not afford the course even though it was discounted through benefits. I found your site and have done it all, I like the mystery shopping best as I pick the ones that require me to buy something and I then get what I need and they reimburse. Car boot was fabulous for me when the water company or gas bills get too much. I managed to find a great way to pay for my retraining through auctions, granted you have to have a little in the piggy bank to buy stuff (general sale) and then sell on e bay. This was my life saver and helped by basic things like food. I finally graduated the course last week and yesterday have been offered a full time job. I will be doing a last car boot this weekend (weather permitting) to get my hair done and buy a new outfit. Yes I still have debts but they are manageable now I have a job.
    If you have the need, the time and the health to do it you can and I am grateful for sites like yours that gave me ideas that have helped me survive and I mean SURVIVE.
    Thank you

  130. beknkc says:

    Toluna is a total scam, who steel your points if you get anywhere near enough to buy a voucher, also greatly increase points needed to buy voucher whenever they feel like it, failing that they insist they can only send voucher code by post, then off course they have been lost in the post, also send scam emails trying get your bank details of whatever bank you decided to tick in one of their so called surveys

  131. Juliet says:

    Think this site is pretty good actually [ wish I had found it sooner ] One of the suggested ideas I am already in process with but have been having to gather details from all different sites only for it to be here all together ! Cheers saved me lots of time!!

  132. Stephen says:

    Why’s everyone moaning????? Life’s too short for money.

  133. Tj says:

    I actually think a lot of these tips are useful and legit, because it’s “free” money, of course it’s going to take a while for it to amount, but things like recycling your old mobile and selling things on eBay, I think are great ways to release money (that’s stored up in items at home).

  134. Michelle says:

    There is no such thing as a free lunch and what you sow is what you reap are sayings that never date. Anything worth doing requires effort and I think the article is showing is that ways of making money that perhaps people havent thought of. I am disabled and unable to work or get benefits so I sell unwanted items on ebay andwhilst it is incredibly tiring for me it is also challenging, I have learnt many other skills during the process and am doing something worthwhile since I give half the proceeds I make to a local charity and the rest is spent on things that I want but wouldnt necessarily have the money to buy. It gives me purpose and a challenge. I agree that the surveys are tedius and boring with a low return but if you have nothing then 10p can make the difference between a loaf of bread or not. So I think it depends what you need and want. I think its a great site and suggest that you pick out the things that work for you – look at the positive not the negative :)

  135. CAS says:

    I don’t believe it! You looked at the website in the first place! Stop picking holes. If you don’t like their suggestions (and that is all they are)… just move on!

  136. Mindy says:

    i know you guys could go donate plasma. Dont tell me you guys actually came on here looking for a way to make money right this second…it’s the web as if your gonna get it done now. go out and get a job. if you want quick cash. sell can, old scrap metal, you could hooker if you want.
    This lady is on here giving ideas to people about ways to make quick cash NOT on the web and you guys are being $#@$@ about it. im just saying shes throwing out ideas, its up to you all to get up off your #%$# and do something rather than collect BENEFITS
    or $#$#ing it up by sell DRUGS.

    • emma says:

      I cannot believe the small minded comments you have put. Has it ever occured to you that prehaps its not the ‘lazy’ that look at things like this but also the desperate?? I work full time as does my husband and we support our three children. I have never claimed anything from the state or sold drugs, body fluids, sex or anything else. I have a family member who needs an operation and I will do whatever I can to earn any extra money, regardless of how small an amount. If you are so offended by such sites and ways of making cash maybe you should spend a little less time looking up the websites and making judgements about what you consider to be a certain group of people.

  137. Debbie says:

    Yeh I agree this is all a load of crap, I guess there is no quick and easy way of earning money.

    I’m gonna try baking some cakes for a car boot and selling some old junk maybe this will make me some extra cash.

  138. emma says:

    I agree, I had a look at google to check of reviews for the surveys and a lot of “scam” messages appear, also they are not accredited companies therefore if anything goes wrong you dont have a leg to stand on

  139. sam says:

    those online survays are scams and a waste of time you get
    like 5p each survay which takes 20 mins how is that quick and easy

  140. kam says:

    agree, these are not practical

  141. Arthur says:

    All of those ‘easy’ methods require effort (some more than others).

    Renting a room or a driveway is hardly ‘quick’ or ‘easy’.

    • sam says:

      thats very true it costs money to rent a room or drivway to start off with before you make anything from it

    • tim says:

      thats so correct. The absolute least you can do is to put effort into a free survey site for money. Most are scams though. I use prizerebel, and it has been good to me. I made over 60 bucks in a week sitting at home doing surveys. With the help of their guides of course. But the catch is the referrals, If you get people to go on the website, you make like half of what their making, by doing nothing. So if you want to try, please use my referral link. I would appreciate it.

  142. billy says:

    All you people involved in trying to help us out there ,thank you for taking the time. :)

  143. ffion jenkins says:

    I’m thirteen nd need a job or an easy way 2 make money pliz help mee

    • jamie says:

      yo, im thirteen too and found how to make money, first of all go down to your local pound store/ 99 cents store and buy fizzy
      drinks/soda cans sell them at your school and there you have it.
      if this works repl too me:

  144. Tony says:

    Hay my goal is to make 9Grand a month, i am saving(i have a high intrest cash ISA) to buy a rental house and do surveys but what elses can i do

  145. Gerry O'Neill says:


    I am currently looking for Sales Reps (commission only) to sell our online video services and digital signage. £150.000 each sale.

    Send me your C.V. asap to:

    All others are also welcome to apply.

  146. tanya mahon says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have just noticed your website on a search engine, im in need of some extra income, i have just had a baby and i already had a two year old, i took a 10,000 pound drop after my first daughter and now only work part time, we have lost our house and got debts that need to be paid, im trying to start up a cake business from home which isnt doing well as many “friends” who said they wanted cakes have gone somewhere else which is upsetting, things are getting to tight now, i have tried online surveys but they arent good enough or quick enough they never seem to have any for me to do, any information would be great.
    thank you for your time

    • Natalie Bourne says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Sorry to hear about your business not doing so well unfortunately many people have cottoned on to the cake wagon so may be get paid to do something that can be done everyday. My friend’s mum goes around to the local business park offering to do washing and ironing for business men and women. She charges about £10 per bag (ironing only) and sits in front of Eastenders doing it. If not there’s Avon and Betterware selling which is very popular.

      I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck.

  147. sazz says:

    hii.i want to earn 10 lakhs in a month ….plz help me out how it is possible ?im ready to work day and night

  148. sazz says:

    hii.i want to earn 10 lakhs in a month ….plz help me out how it is xpossible ?im ready to work day and night

  149. Sara says:

    Hi, I am a college student and I am looking for a part-time job, whether it be delivering catalogues or retail work. I have been looking for a long time and applying online to various jobs, but nobody has gotten back to me. I would appreciate it if somebody could get back to me on ways to make some money.

    • tee says:

      I was in your exact same position as you at your age and what I found to be quick and easy money was mystery shopping. My friend introduced it to me and its quite good. However, it’s not the best pay in the world (£3-5 per assignment) and sometimes you don’t get a lot of jobs. But hey, it’s extra cash that you didn’t have before, right? Also, some assignments you can keep whatever you’ve brought or it could even be a free meal, which is a bonus for us students. I wouldn’t suggest it as a full-time job though, more as temporary way of making money. Hoped this helped :)

    • Dale says:

      You could try dropshipping on ebay, amazon and other auction sites there are loads of companies out there its a simple process and you need no start up cash you simply sell products from the dropship company on ebay etc when you make a sale just order the item from the supplier and have it shipped straight to your customer so you keep any profit you put on top of the purchase price but remember to calculate all the ebay selling fees and paypal fees involved.

  150. Abdul Waheed says:

    Hi All

    I am a distributor of Aloe Vera based Health & Beauty Products. Currently I am recruiting individuals who want to work from home on self employment basis as local distributors in your local area. You can earn between £250-£2000 per month and can work part time or full time. Training will be provided. If interested please send me your CV. Please send all CV’s to

  151. April says:

    i need £60 now so plz send it 2 me

  152. Natasha says:

    Hi guys, Been interesting reading some of the comments!
    I have a disability which means I am unable to work, I have been looking for some sort of online work or envelope stuffing, I have put up ads asked around. Used to do avon but didnt make enough and was spending more than I was making. I have tried surveys etc becomes a pain when you get ‘ do not fit criteria’ everytime. So wondering if anyone has any ideas, and any sort of home work typing etc… that is legit and won’t cost me ?? thanks

    • Hi Natasha. How about getting into being a Virtual Assistant? We’ve got a big article on that in the ‘Making Money’ section. If you can type and do secretarial work it could be for you. It does take quite a lot of effort to get the clients, though, so you wouldn’t necessarily get the money in immediately. Also, have you thought of setting up a website and using affiliate marketing to make commissions from selling services? Look up ‘affiliate marketing’ on Google and read up about it.

    • Gemma says:

      Hi Natasha, Have you thought about anne summers parties or something like that. My sister has just started selling candles through and the money aint so bad either! Theres loads of different plans you could choose from, but majority ask for a sign up fee. Ive looked and they start from £25-£99 and more! Good luck x

  153. Jambo says:

    I just dance naked in the middle of town, I get lots of pennies and sometimes I rob the local homeless guy for his clothes and use them to sleep on. Lifes good. LG.

  154. rio says:

    I was pleased to see this. Just what I needed. Thanks.

  155. kawin eynin says:

    I usually put loo roll on my head and walk around town dancing like a chicken most days. I get about £25 a day because i beg the other tramps to lend me money! it is ideal for me at the moment cos i buy alot of cheese for me and my pet fish

  156. David Elton says:

    Are you interested in adding another income stream to your site? Based on the fact that getting in at the top of programs is a good thing I wondered if you had heard about Zubie, which launched mid Jan. Feel free to reply and let me know what you think about it, It’s a good old fashioned forced matrix program.

    David Elton, Reading UK.

  157. Kay says:

    I have found any sites which allow you to complete surveys and where they pay you….. Can you help.

  158. karen says:

    hi i cannot get a any of the on line web sites to give me answer (who wants to buy all my outgrown clothes) i have lost a load of wheight recently and want (need) to make some cash out of them ive given some to charity already but really need to make money for christmas ebay to complicated for me, i live in the northwest area any helpers plz cant do boot sale dont drive thanks

  159. Waleed khaleed says:

    Man thx a lot u realy help give mw a good idea I will and I will work on it tommoro i hope I get enough mony to buy I phone thx agine keep gone up and up

  160. Rita says:

    Hello I have hundreds of old Marvel comics, do you know the best way to sell them.

    Many thanks.

    • Joanne says:

      Hi, Rita
      The best way to sell your Marvel Comics is by:
      1. Holding a Carboot Sail
      2. Have you considered selling them on Ebay/Amazon]
      or 3. giving them to a local comics store/ (if there old) antiques

      Hope it helps
      Joanne (:

    • Glyn316 says:

      Selling comics is very hard, it all depends on whether they are UK or US editions, the grade (condition) and overall collectability (first issue, key issue, first appearance of…etc)..I personally wouldnt try at carboots as your get a fraction of what theycould be worth…eBay is good, but you need to know about the comics to give good descriptions etc. If you need any further advice Im more than happy to help…you can give me an idea of what you have, I can guide you better.

  161. Jamie Quinton says:

    can anyone help me? i’m a desperate father and recently started a new family, i do work a full time job but need to earn more, i want to earn from home but not so much on the internet as it confuses me, i heard about stuffing envelopes etc but dont know where or how to look for this please help


    • Lauren Forbes says:

      Hi Jamie,
      We’re having a brainstorm in the office to try and come up with some ways to help you. Sorry to hear about your predicament and we will do our best to help. Keep checking this article as we will post some tips for you soon.

    • Terry Clark says:

      There is brand new ready-to-go home business plan you should try; It’s Called “No Money? No Problem…And it’s Free to look over to see if it’s for you. Here’s the link –

      Good Luck!!!

  162. Kal says:

    Work hard

  163. HANDYANDY says:

    Hi there pepole,
    Car boots are a good way to make extra cash, ask freinds family ect if they want rid of some junk you will be amazed what pepole will buy, here are some things pepole do buy, bikes, dvds, clothes ,pictures in frames, camping goods, old computers, moniters, baby clothes washed, prams, kitchin items, garden items ie pots plants, mobile phones can bring good mony but dont let them haggle you two low there is always another punter on the way… best of luck remember your there to make mony not freinds……bye take care

  164. Pamela Horsfall says:

    On one of your TV morning show appearances you talked about using your car as advertising space for companies. Please supply details of how/who to contact for more info.

  165. Tracey says:

    Has anyone got any companies that need mystery shoppers as the ones on the internet want money to join? What’s all this about

    • sharon says:

      One of the best mystery shoppers are, get plenty of jobs but can sometimes go a bit quiet, may not make alot of money but you get to try products for free, just register its free, all they need is a account number & sort code, and nobody can take it and take money out just put money in

  166. haze says:

    any ideas on money making for a full time mum, who doesn’t have babysitters so cant leave child to go and work or pay childminder/nursery, avon etc already in surrounding areas, i have no money to invest in anything, cant afford to pay to start up any sort of party night hosting ie virgin or body shop etc. Online surveys not enough money and not regular enough. Please help!

    • I think that being a childminder is a great way to make money while looking after your own child. Also, if you don’t mind the work, offering to take in ironing can be lucrative, although it depends where you live and how much money your neighbours have. If you want to make sensible money, though, and you have a computer then I would recommend learning about affiliate marketing and how to set up a specialist website. There are a lot of online resources (many of them dodgy so be careful) so you can learn online. It will take a few months to learn, though, so it would have to be more of a long-term plan. Many of my friends make money by doing a lot of different things so don’t reject anything – a bit of online surveys, a bit of referring friends, a bit of ironing/dog-walking/mending etc all added together can bring in a decent amount of cash.

  167. Miller caldwell says:

    I have been an author from 2003. I have written 7 books and am writing another novel. I get much praise from those who buy them but selling my books is another question.

    Any advice?

  168. Need cash x says:

    i dont want to sell stuff off internet, last time my mam dun thar she gor ripped off. i have 2 go to a club in 10 minutes. i need money for food and drink there, cans are 50p, food is like 50p too. i only have 15p :/ pls help xx

  169. Douglas Juckes, says:

    Hi Folks,
    The Idea of making Easy money “0n Line” is a CON.
    Most of the schemes are Very Time Consuming, Tiresome, Poorly Paid & Full of Empty Promises.

  170. Marie says:

    If I have a ring that I would like to sell. Can anyone reccommend a good way to do it?

    • Paul Prowse says:

      Have a look at the article on how to sell your gold:

      (Assuming the ring is gold!)

      You often get the best prices from jewellers on the high street (as they take into account the craftsmanship of the jewellery itself when offering you a price – not just how much gold it contains).

      It’s normally worth getting a few quotes – don’t just accept the price of the first jeweller.

  171. paul friar says:

    yes, the information on these pages will be of great use to someone starting out online and trying to make money on the internet. I recommend everything written here.

  172. Wayne says:

    Hi, First time on this so please tell me people,

    Will I make enough money to travel 3 times a

  173. Paul Smith says:

    Great Site,
    Full of fantastic and interesting content,great to look thru.

  174. elly says:

    Some of the people above make me really mad. I have a retired husband who doesn’t get a pension and a son at school. I have a full time job. I come home in the evenings and work for 2-3 hours coding for a solicitor. I do my houswork on a Saturday and Sunday is spent cooking, making clothes for my family, writing letters and articles for magazines and making things to sell on E.bay. This brings in about another £100 a month BUT it is £100 I wouldn’t have had. GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES!

  175. Tony says:

    Hi Jasmine and crew,
    I just popped on your site as a result of your Radio 1 interview, I lost my in December 2008 and am unable to get another … too many factors to go into… anyway I tried y hand at affiliate marketing, which I must say I wished I tried years ago. Just need a paypal account and a cickbank account and a littl? savvy :)

    I now earn enough to pay my mortgage ad won’t ever be worrying about that stuff again :) I really suggest people who are smart online try it. What do you think of online marketing?

  176. Hilary says:

    Just read in the Mail about your site. I am just about to do surveys will keep you updated. Hope it is a good year!! Thanks Hilary

  177. All the guys I know would like to take a shot at banking fast and easy money online these days, either through eBay Powerselling, affiliate marketing, ppc adverstising

  178. G Bonnell says:

    I heard you speak on the radio the other week about doing work as extras and you mentioned some agents do not charge to get on their lists can you name any. I went one who said they did not charge I completed most of the personal profile and was stopped before completing because they then said they charged £10 + vat for admin.



    • Good point there – actually I think £10 + VAT is OK for an agency. It’s when they charge £100+ that you need to be suspicious and just walk out. See our article about being an ‘extra’ here There are links to good agencies and also a website that warns of bad ones.

      • Sarah says:

        Hi, am new here and really do like your website. But I digress, the best website for film extras, modelling (catalogues etc) is StarNow. My son has got work as an extra and so have I – although to get our portfolio going we did do a couple of “extra” jobs purely for the experience – they do pay all your expenses and from there you can start branching out more. Then again, just join and apply for all – reach for the stars! Good luck xxx

  179. starksy says:

    really please!!!! the survey sites dont really give that much for the time to fill one in,,or you redeem for a voucher??
    Talking about making money or pocket money??
    Real money making?????

  180. Helen Neely says:

    Thanks for sharing these tip – I will definitely check them all out and if possible register with everyone of them.

    I have created a link on my blog back to this page in case others find it useful.

  181. Anna says:

    I spent about 20 minutes each on half a dozen surveys but have not been able to complete a single survey as right at the end it says that I do not fit the criteria.

    • lula says:

      TiThese tips are all a bit tired. Nothing but hard work, bnlood sweat and tears will make you money!

    • Soph says:

      I was advised to join a few online survey companys at a time so i could get more benefits and recieve quicker payments. The best ones are Valued Opinions, GlobalTestMarket, NewVIsta and LightSpeed Comsumer Panel.
      Some send off cheques when you reach a certain target and others send vouchers instead. Some of these take a few months to see teh rewards but some take a few weeks… I get sent about 4-5 surveys PER DAY so it speeds up the process of getting the benfits!!

      Hope this helps anyone xx

  182. jim says:

    these are good money making ways

  183. bob says:

    these are all pathetic amounts of money. for a lot of hassle.

  184. luke says:

    Cheers, it all works well. I can’t understand why these people are complaining to you about the problems they are having with other sites.

    • john says:

      Luke you littel bizzey bodey what is it to do with u if other people coment on other peoples web site u littel grass leg it lad

  185. Pete says:


    Try Lightspeed Panel; i get my payments by paypal (at 115 points per £), the surveys come sporadically, but when you get a good patch, i’ve earnt up to £10 a month. Made enough to buy a couple of christmas presents last year, and overall I’ve probably made around £100-150 in a year with them.I use Valued Opinions as well, for the HMV vouchers (of which i have received £20 so far, and just waiting for my next £10), although it can sometimes take over a month for the payment from the completed surveys to be recognised. I am on YouGov, but as they wont pay out until the account reaches £50, i’m not expecting to get any money from them for another couple of years; after over 12 months with them, i’ve “earnt” less that £15.

    iPoints is another good site, which is points based. You can get poiints from buying things, signing up to newsletters, and even receiving mobile SIM cards; its slow going, but after 6ish months with them, i’ve received a DVD completely free – didnt even have to pay for P&P – and i’m about 3/4 of the way to my next DVD.

  186. Maggie says:

    I am 56 and I do quite a lot of surveys the You Gove site is a good one another one is Valued Opinions they pay quite well per survey also and they come quick and fast so give them a try they are really good.

  187. chris says:

    I do occasional mystery shops for a coiple of companies, and some on line surveys. Does this make me self employed for tax purposes? I have just retired from full time work.

  188. Margaret says: keeps saying I’m ebtering the wrong verifiction code. I’ve tried it with and without capslock on and still nothing. I can see the code as clear as day and it has been entered correctly… it just won’t let me go further.

  189. joanne says:

    Inspired by the slot yesterday on GMTV I looked up this website to follow up on doing surveys. I logged on to a few of the sites and although I was accepted I have been unable to complete a single survey as I don’t fit the criteria or the survey miraculously freezes (although at this point I have spent on average 5 minutes giving them my personal information!)
    The only thing I imagine is against me is my age (40) and the fact I dont have a degree. I am very disheartened as I consider myself a young at heart savvy mum with plenty of opinions and life experience who has a lot to offer.
    So far the only thing I’ve achieved is wasted personal time and entries into a lot of competitions… this just a scam or am I doing something wrong?
    Any advice?

    • Maggie says:

      Keep trying I am 57 and have no qualifications but am doing surveys online you don’t earn a lot but it all helps try Valued Opinions they are good and so is Lightspeed they come through with a lot of surveys, also try Nielsen Fact Finders they are good you get a scanner and scan all the shopping you do for points Good Luck


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