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What you need to know about probate and inheritance tax

When someone dies it is essential to deal correctly and efficiently with their estate, but issues in probate and ... read more

What is the Inheritance Tax Threshold?

If you’re planning on passing on money or assets to your loved ones when you’re gone, your heirs could ... read more

10 things to do before tax day on 5th April

The end of the financial year – 5 April – is fast approaching, which also means the start of ... read more

Student taxes – what you have to pay and how you can get refunds

If you’re a cash-strapped student paying taxes probably feels like insult following injury. The good news is that you ... read more

New tax and benefit changes starting this month

The personal allowance has gone up, stamp duty has gone up, pension allowance has gone down and there's a ... read more

The Government is giving you money

The Government is giving you money… well, almost! As of now, you don’t have to pay tax on any interest ... read more

The big savings tax giveaway con

It looked like the Chancellor gave us a £100,000 Cash ISA on Wednesday. He said that from April we won’t ... read more

How your online business could be destroyed by the new EU VAT

If you run a business that sells digital downloads in any way – like online courses, music downloads or ... read more

What is Inheritance Tax ?

Inheritance tax is payable on a certain level of assets left to you by a relative. There are, however, ... read more

Top excuses for not getting a tax return in on time

Get your tax return in by the end of the month or get £100 fine It’s a bore but ... read more

Self Assessment – The definitive guide to filing your tax return

What questions do you have about your tax return? Does it even apply to you? What’s the secret to ... read more

What is National Insurance?

Have you ever wondered exactly what is National Insurance and why you have to pay for it? We reveal ... read more

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