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Start investing with the Young Investor

This week Jasmine is joined by the Young Investor himself, Zach Cox. At just 12 years old, Zach has started investing on the stock market, and shares his tips and knowledge on his YouTube channel (Young Investor)

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15 minutes

Why you NEED to know about Bitcoin if you want a future

This week in the first part of our investing mini-series we're diving into the world of cryptocurrencies - what are they and how to get your hands on them!

In this episode, Jasmine is joined by Gary Nuttall, recently voted the 17th in the Thinkers360 Global Thinkers and Innovators around cryptocurrencies. They cover everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and whether it's the future of money.

Check out our article on cryptocurrencies here:

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31 minutes

How to Live for Free

This week we're discussing ways to get things for free and how to find great deals. We have two guests joining us. The first is Deepak Tailor,  who is the founder and CEO of and has also written a book on how to live for free. Our second guest is Annie Thorpe, content editor at and knows plenty of ways to get things for free!

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21 minutes

How to be Alone at Christmas

Christmas 2020 is likely to see many of us spending Christmas alone. For some that is a miserable prospect but for others it’s a chance to enjoy some peace and commune with divine Love. In this podcast Jasmine is joined by CoachClair, Clair Henshawe a life coach, Claire Anderson who loves having Christmas on her own and comedian Lane Moore who has written a book on how to be alone. Find out how to do Christmas on your own in a way that is enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching. It really is possible!

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38 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 8

This week we’re looking at the difference between saving and investing, how to find the best place to put money for different needs and, in particular, why women need to do more investing and less saving!

We have two very special guests joining us. The first one is Maike Currie, who is an author, editor and investment commentator. Maike started her career as a financial journalist and now works in the City, most recently taking up a role within Fidelity’s personal investing business where she provides regular insight, guidance and commentary for the company’s self-directed investors. Our second guest is the fabulous Tara Evans, Digital Consumer Editor at the Sun newspaper. Tara edits the Money section and manages a team of Consumer journalists

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28 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 7

This week we’re looking at the psychology of money and how we can overcome bad money habits. We thought who could tell us more about that and of course, we thought of the wonderful, Dr Linda Papadopoulos! Dr Linda is one of the most well-known and respected psychologists working in the UK today and is often enlisted to consult with large corporations such as Dior, Speedo, and Renault to offer valuable insight on topics such as consumer behaviour.

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25 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 6

This week we’re looking at ideas for cheap and nutritious meals, how to save money around the house and old ways of running our homes and our lives that will save us money and help the planet. We thought who could tell us more about that and of course, we thought of the wonderful, Nancy Birtwhistle, Winner of the Great British Bake Off 2014. 

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28 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 5

This week we’re looking at how to make money, how to leverage the unique and brilliant aspects of you…you yourself…to turn it into profit. And it doesn’t matter what abilities you think you have or don’t have, we know that everyone has the ability to make money, sometimes in a few different ways. And to help us unlock this talent in you right now we have the amazing Kriss Akabusi on the programme!

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30 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 4

This week we’re looking at how disabled people can succeed as freelancers. We’re delighted to be joined by Liz Johnson, a Paralympic swimmer holding a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal! She has a truly inspiring story, losing her Mother days before she went to Beijing Olympics - where she went on to win Gold. Her unstoppable enthusiasm, energy and resilience makes her an excellent motivational speaker. Liz set up the "The Ability People" organisation in 2018, a ‘for profit’ social enterprise dedicated to empowering people with disabilities.

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24 minutes


This week we’re going to find out how to be even cleverer with your money than you already are…yes you are…by finding out the easy way to get better at maths. No don’t switch off! Yes, it’s about maths but it’s easy maths…clever ways to do quick calculations even if you’ve always been a duffer at numbers. Because being comfortable with maths can materially boost your money. You don’t have to be a maths genius, just OK. That's why we've invited author and maths evangelist, Rob Eastaway on to our podcast today. Rob’s latest book is called ‘Maths on the Back of an Envelope’. 

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27 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 2

Redundancy isn’t an easy time for anyone – and, with so many industries struggling after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it’s going to affect lots of people in the coming months. That’s why we've invited Liam Evans, Campaigns and Communications officer from the leading charity, Turn2us on to our podcast today. Turn2us helps people living in poverty in the UK and Ireland. We’ve also put this redundancy guide together for you in partnership with Turn2us.

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28 minutes

How to be a MoneyMagpie Episode 1

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a severe impact on the global economy, our nation and the travel and aviation industry. We know that many of you want to know what this means for your holiday. So we’ve invited travel journalist, Simon Calder in to give us an update on what’s going on. 

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19 minutes

The first ever Money Magpie podcast

Broadcaster John Offord chats to money expert Jasmine for ideas to help you make and save money. More podcasts to follow soon!

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23 minutes

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