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Has the time finally come when gamers will be able to make a living doing what they love?

Guest article by Dean Anderson, Gamestatix It won’t be too long before it’s possible for every player to make ... read more

How to make money as a dating app coach

If you’re a smooth operator with an unfailing formula for charming potential partners online, you could put that talent ... read more

5 ways to make money by sleeping

Are you one of those lucky people who just loves sleeping and manages to do it without any trouble ... read more

How to make money from Scripophily

Do you enjoy collecting things? Are you interested in history? Do you keep an eye on stocks and bonds? ... read more

Make money as a Coffee Machine Secret Agent

Do you love coffee? Often find yourself in coffee shops? Then you’ll love this strange but exciting job opportunity. ... read more

6 pros and cons of investing in a classic car

We all have our idea of the ultimate car, one that would be a dream to own! If you ... read more

How to make money live streaming games

How many times growing up did your parents or someone else tell you to stop playing games and start ... read more

Make money by renting out your film and television equipment

Remember that fancy video camera you bought a while back? The one that’s been gathering dust. While it sits ... read more

Make and save money with a caravan

If you’ve ever gone on a caravanning holiday, you will probably be well aware of the many benefits these ... read more

How thousands of people are making hundreds of pounds a month from home

Going to work may pay for the bread and butter but for many of us it’s tough to save ... read more

How to make money from other people’s pets

So, you really want a pet of your own, but just don’t have the space (or maybe the money) ... read more

Get paid to play Call of Duty and FIFA

Over recent years people have been finding new ways to make money, using their unique expertise and skills to ... read more

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