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Make money as a mermaid – professional mermaid jobs exist!

Yes, you read that correctly – you can make money as a mermaid! The art of mermaiding has become ... read more

Make money by listening to music

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of everyday life: music and cats,” someone profound once said, ... read more

Top 10 richest actresses in the world in 2017

So you’ve read our article on the top 10 richest actors so the question now is, who are the top ... read more

Is freelancing for you?

Being your boss isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, my friend. Yes, you can work from your ... read more

Making money with your writing

It’s so common it has become a cliche: “want to earn some extra money? Start freelance writing! It’s easy! ... read more

Top 10 richest sportsmen in 2015

Most of us only really played sports while we were at school but for a few of the fittest ... read more

How to make money writing a TV script

Do you watch a lot of TV dramas and soaps and fancy your chances of making money writing a ... read more

Money-making ideas for pensioners hit by price hikes

Fixed incomes are leaving pensioners struggling against the Brexit price hikes. With the pound low against the dollar and the euro, ... read more

Mystery shopping: Become a mystery shopper and get Paid to Shop and Eat Out

Become a mystery shopper and get FREE meals in restaurants, FREE stays in hotels and FREE drinks in bars. ... read more

Make money becoming a professional eater

Competitive eating might sound like the opportunity to eat a lot of food and get paid, but it’s a ... read more

How to make money for charity if you’re under 18

It should be easy to make money for charity if you’re under 18. But saving up £3,000 to go ... read more

Make money teaching tennis

You don’t have to be a Wimbledon seed to make money teaching tennis. A love of the game and ... read more

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