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Make up to £45 an hour by cleaning in the nude

Ever wished you could exchange your current job for something you can do completely starkers? Well, if you’re not ... read more

Make money as a Zumba instructor

Zumba is the fitness revolution taking over the world, advising everyone to ‘ditch the workout and join the party!’ ... read more

How to make money with great problem solving skills

Problem-solving is one of the most important skills you can have in life. If you’re reading this, then we ... read more

Buy Theresa May memorabilia as an investment

You May not like Theresa May nor her apparent commitment to bringing about the end of this world as ... read more

How to make money from podcasts

It’s 2018 and, despite the fact that video is said to have killed the radio star (way back in ... read more

5 ways to make money with your pet

Have you ever looked at your pet and just wished they could contribute to the household income in one ... read more

Make money as a professional cheese tester

The best bit of any fancy meal out is the cheese. I think that’s an undisputed fact. But the ... read more

Make money as a professional wingman or wingwoman

Are you the friend who’s job it is to drag your heartbroken buddy out of their bedroom on a ... read more

Is your £2-coin worth more than you think?

Last month, the bi-metallic £2-coin turned 20 years old. It was decided that the £2-coin would enter general circulation ... read more

Make money from football

You don’t have to know what a pony is to make an extra £25 from football ventures. Following England’s ... read more

Make money as a golf ball diver

Ever wanted to search for sunken treasure? Try your hand as a golf ball diver, kitting up in scuba ... read more

5 strangest ways for students to make money during university

Are you racking you brain trying to think of ways you can make money during university without impacting your studies? ... read more

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