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Ten ways to make money, while on the toilet!

Jasmine Birtles 7th Nov 2023 3 Comments

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Yes, you read that headline correctly, you actually can make money on the toilet. Or anywhere else that you may spend a significant amount of time sat around!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to take some reading material into the bathroom with you, then why not try to make money on the toilet instead?

Here are 10 things you can try:

  1. Do an online survey – or three
  2. Check Free Postcode Lottery for a chance to win money every day
  3. Slogan competitions
  4. Save money by switching your gas and electricity
  5. Earn while you surf
  6. Save money by switching your car insurance
  7. Save money by your home insurance
  8. Come up with a killer business idea
  9. Come up with a new TV game show format
  10. Sell your toilet roll tubes


Do an online survey – or three

Woman taking an online survey

Online surveys are a quick and easy way to make money on the toilet. They can be quick or long, depending on which one you do.

We like Inbox Pounds. It’s easy to sign up simple to use wherever you are. Including the bathroom.

In fact they give you £1 just for signing up, so you’ll be making money even If it’s a very quick visit.

Take a look at our article on how to make money with online surveys to see even more survey sites that will can be used to make money on the toilet!


Check the Postcode Lottery for a chance to win money every day

Free Postcode Lottery Graphic

Now this really is a quick and easy one.

Check the Free Postcode Lottery for an opportunity to win money every day. On some days they have over two thousand pounds to give away if it’s been a roll-over.

All you need to do is sign up with your email address and postcode. Then you check the site each day to see if your postcode is the winning one. It’s that easy. Read our article about it here.

They also have other ways to win such as an Emoji Lottery and a Video Lottery. So if you happen to be someone who takes a little while on the toilet, then this may be worth a try.

Check it out and sign up for free here.


Come up with slogans for competitions

Earn cash by creating slogans

We love competitions at MoneyMagpie. In fact we run one every week in our newsletter (sign up here to get them sent to your inbox).

As you can see in our article on how to get money and freebies through competitions, some companies run slogan competitions, here you have to come up with a clever little phrase about their product to win the prize.

Why if you’re looking for a way to kill some time and make money on the toilet, maybe try your hand at this?

Save money by switching gas and electricity

Energy digital graphic

If you’re reading this on your smartphone right now, you could be saving yourself a tidy sum just by switching your gas and electricity provider. You don’t even need your bills to see how much you could save. Just put your postcode into the box here and see which companies are offering you a cheaper deal.

It’s likely that it will be one of the smaller suppliers. They are doing their best to get into the market and compete with the larger providers who dominating it.

Check it out now and make some money!


earn while you surf

Earn money while you're on the toilet

You could win £1,000 a month just for surfing the net with this competition site called Neilsen.

They have been known to give up to £30,000 away every year.

 save Money by switching your car insurance

Save money by switching car insurance

Again, while you have your mobile phone on you consider switching your car insurance. Your car insurance premium may have gone up since you last checked, but you can save yourself money by switching to a cheaper deal than you have now.

Take this time do explore the different options that are available.

Switch to a better car insurance deal here.

 Save Money by switching your home insurance

Switch home insurance

According to Which? Magazine you should be able to save money by switching your home insurance. While sitting on the throne you may have some time to kill. Why not try this?

Do it here. Switch to a better home insurance deal.


Come up with a killer business idea

Woman idea light bulb

Is visiting the loo the only time you get some peace and quiet and time to think? It is for some people, if so then spend a bit of extra time to ponder a killer business idea.

You probably already have one rattling around your mind. Use this time to work out how to do it, what you will need to start and how to make a profit.

We have plenty of ideas for you, as well as lots of help and advice to hey you started here on our small business section. For example, take a look at this article with twenty tips for setting up your own business.


Come up with a new TV game show format

Tv show concept

Feeling creative? Being on the toilet can be a good time to come up with story ideas for a novel or other creative pursuit.

But have you ever considered creating a TV game show idea?

Game shows can be hugely lucrative if you can come up with an original concept it right. People make hundreds of thousands from a successful idea they came up with which was then sold to production companies all over the world.

See our article here on how to come up with a winning TV game show format.


Sell your toilet roll Tubes

Sell toilet roll tubes

It’s possible to sell the cardboard insides of your toilet rolls on eBay. There really are people who need them for craft projects and will buy them off you. Sell them for about £7 per 50. If you have a family you will probably get through a lot and will be able to gather 50 rather quickly.

It’s not a major income by any means, but it’s simple enough to do.


While you’re here, why not get our eBook on 101 Ways to Live for Free which has more fun ways to earn money for free. Download it here for free.


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5 months ago

Ive looked for Neilsen online but nothing comes up.

Vicky Parry
5 months ago
Reply to  Jade

This is them: https://uk.computermobilepanel.nielsen.com/ui/UK/en/landing

5 years ago

I have signed up to the free postcode lottery, you never know!

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