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Make £850 or more with Pick My Postcode

Did you know you can enter for free to Pick My Postcode and potentially win big money just for checking the site?

It’s a really clever site.

All you do is sign up (for free) here with just your postcode and your email address. Then you check back every day to see if your postcode has been picked that day.

If it has been picked, you can claim your winnings.

Every day they add about £850 to the prize pot.  The highest prize won so far was £2,500 which was a four times rollover on the £500 Main Draw.  They also give away lots of smaller £5, £10, and, a few, £100 prizes.


But that’s not all. The site has all sorts of other ways you can win. See how below.




What is Pick My Postcode?

Make £750 or more in the Free Postcode LotteryOriginally, Pick My Postcode was set up by a guy called Chris Holbrook, giving people the chance to win £10…yes, a whole £10…if they signed up to the site for free and checked each day to see if their postcode had won. In fact, MoneyMagpie knew about this site in its early stages and mentioned it in our competitions article here.

After a while the site got more popular and the prizes started to get a bit bigger, then a bit bigger, then it was £250 a day, then, not too long after, it was £500 a day. A short while ago it was £750 a day and now it has gone up to £850 a day.

Not only that, but in the intervening years Chris has added more competitions to the site.

Now there are six ways you can win on the site:

  1. The Main competition – a daily postcode competition where you could win at least £850 (more if the prize hasn’t been claimed by others for a few days). They will send you a daily email reminder to get you to check the site, but you can unsubscribe from that if you want to.
  2. The Survey Draw – You just need to check back daily and answer the question to reveal the winning postcode.
  3. The Video Draw – this gets you to watch videos (that they are paid to advertise) as a winning postcode is flashed on the screen as you watch. You have to watch the video in order to see if your postcode has won.
  4. The Free Emoji Lottery – with this one, you pick ya combination of five emojis and, again, check back to the site each day to see if your particular combination has been chosen.
  5. The £5 Flash Draw – the £5 Flash Draw appears in the existing ad slots around the site. If you see a particular image (it shows you on the site which one it is) you click on it and you’ll be sent a fiver via PayPal!
  6. The Stackpot – go to the Stackpot page after the “Next refresh” time and click on your postcode (if you see it) for a free tenner. Missed claims make the stack grow even higher.


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How do they make their money?

The ads, offers and surveys on the site pay for the prizes. They also produce a healthy profit to Chris, which is fair enough.

It’s like a free local newspaper. It’s free to you because advertisers pay enough to cover the costs and produce a profit at the same time.

As with a free paper, the more people who pick it up and read it, the more they can charge for advertising etc. This is how it works with Pick My Postcode. The more people who use the site, the higher the traffic and the more they can charge for advertising and affiliate links. It’s a win-win.


What are the rules?

They’re pretty simple really.

You have to sign up with your postcode and email address. You also need to check the site regularly (ideally once a day) to see if you have won.

If you have won something you will see a ‘Collect’ button which you press. The money is then sent to you, so long as they can verify who you are (they can be a bit suspicious of ‘role’ emails like ‘[email protected]’ or ”[email protected]’ so make sure you use a personal type of email address).

There are strict rules which you can see here.


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What could I win with Pick My Postcode?

As you can see above, you could win anything from a fiver up to thousands.

The most someone has won so far has been £2,500. With ways to earn every day, it’s worth checking the site and trying out their various competitions, draws and surveys pretty regularly.

Sign up for free here.




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It’s always worth a go, have signed up to pick my postcode.

Michelle Wild
Michelle Wild

I won a hamper of chocolate.

Laura McGreevy
Laura McGreevy

I won a three night dki break to Cortina, Italy, including flights, transport, five star resort accommodation with breakfast, lift passes and ski hire for two. It was fun to treat my wonderful husband to this amazing holiday! 🙂

Kerry McKenna
Kerry McKenna

I won an ipad just before Christmas one year so was a great gift to give to my daughter 🙂

Mrs Sarah Roberts
Mrs Sarah Roberts

I won a playstation 4 that was my best prize! it was amazing to see my kids faces and grandchildren all playing together. Worth its wait in gold . I love entering the wonderful holiday ones but haven’t been lucky yet but hey if you don’t enter you carn’t win x

Maria Sack
Maria Sack

My best prize so far was a week in beautiful Barbados from Carphone Warehouse. A wonderful gift from my hobby, for sure.

Victoria Thurgood
Victoria Thurgood

I won a weekend away in Austria


My best prize was winning an iphone 6. I didn’t own a smart phone & I was thrilled. The shine was taken off my win when the courier tracking showed someone had signed for it. It was not us, An enquiry followed between Apple & the courier involved, and Apple sent another one. It was a horrible experience, the photo copy signature showed it was nothing like either of ours, even spelling mistakes. A temporary driver (a foreign guy) – not a regular employee was involved. When interviewed, he gave 3 different accounts of where he’d delivered it & the… Read more »

Christine M
Christine M

I won a cruise in 2001 but my husband go seasick!

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