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Brexit, what to do if you’re an ex-pat living in Europe

Everything connected to Brexit is uncertain at the moment, but it’s particularly tricky for people who have moved to ... read more

Why women need to save more for retirement than men

Saving for retirement is a necessity for everyone. However, women need to save more than men do towards their ... read more

What could equity release offer me?

If you’re approaching retirement and living in a home you’ve owned for a while, it could be your biggest ... read more

Get what you’re entitled with the state pension changes

The State Pension has changed beyond recognition in recent years. If you’re 55 or over, it’s important to get ... read more

New rules mean you don’t need to buy an annuity, but should you?

Annuities have been the backbone of many retirement incomes for years: unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they have been universally ... read more

How to be 30% richer in retirement without saving any more

Do you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Type 2 diabetes? Are you overweight? Do you want ... read more

Get more money with the flat rate State pension

How much is the flat rate state pension and how do you get it? We show you how much ... read more

Still saving for that pension? More and more are having to…

Sometimes stating the blooming obvious is OK because it is a helpful reminder. In this case it’s the age-old ... read more

How to decide what to do with your pension pot

You’re over 55 (or about to be) and you know you can take out the money from your pension ... read more

In your 60s and confused about retirement? Here are your first steps

If you’re in your 60s and confused about your retirement options, you’re not alone. Pretty much everyone is confused ... read more

Is the new government advice service on pensions enough?

The government have unveiled ‘Pension Wise’, a free and impartial guidance service to help people with the new pension ... read more

Less than half of new pensioners will receive full pension

A shocking 55% of people will not receive the full new state pension in the first five years. The new ... read more

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