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3 hidden fees when buying a house

When buying a house, there is more to pay for than just the house itself. These can add up, ... read more

January is the happiest time of the year for first-time buyers

Life is all about timing, something you will already be aware of if you are over the age of ... read more

Who you gonna call? The contacts you need when taking out a mortgage

Buying a property is no small feat. Most people spend years of their lives saving up a deposit or ... read more

Variable rate mortgage holders prepare for interest rate rise

Homeowners on variable rate mortgages who are already struggling to make ends meet are at risk of finding themselves ... read more

Will Millennials ever make it onto the London property ladder

Is making it onto the London property ladder too big a dream for Millennials? Do they even want to ... read more

How to successfully negotiate with your Estate Agent

After years of saving and months of searching for your dream home it can feel daunting to have to ... read more

Saving big bucks during a big move: A story and advice

A story from one of our US writers: Moving from apartment to apartment is a relatively easy challenge that ... read more

The customer is always right, even online

We all know the internet provides a myriad possibilities, and this is especially true in the cybersphere. But the ... read more

Everything you need to know about the Marbella property market

Marbella’s property market is definitely on the up according to a Marbella Property Market Report from Christopher Clover, Managing ... read more

Property developers: the cost of ignoring the Party Wall Act of 1996

Owners planning to extend their property often see the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, as an unnecessary and expensive ... read more

How can DIY landlords be successful without letting agents?

The recent array of legislation changes aimed at the lettings sector has undoubtedly deterred some investors from purchasing in ... read more

Easy, cheap ways to increase your property value today

Are there really easy, cheap ways to increase your property value when some seem to cost thousands to do? ... read more

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