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Looking for mortgage advice? Why a specialist broker is the answer

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Retirement Interest-only Mortgages vs Equity Release

Reading Time: 5 mins The range of mortgage products available to older borrowers has undergone ... read more

Don’t be embarrassed to get bad credit mortgage advice

Reading Time: 4 mins New research raises the possibility that prospective homebuyers may be reluctant ... read more

Pay off your mortgage early

Reading Time: 7 mins These days, you pay more for debt than you earn in ... read more

Should you fix your mortgage?

Reading Time: 3 mins Should you get a fixed-rate mortgage? Should you trust that interest ... read more

How do you get a good mortgage?

Reading Time: 5 mins Not all mortgages are created equal — they vary considerably, depending ... read more

What type of mortgage should you get?

Reading Time: 8 mins Aaargh! Choosing a mortgage – it’s a minefield of confusion. What ... read more

Easy, cheap ways to increase your property value today

Reading Time: 7 mins Did you know you could increase property value with just a ... read more

How to get a mortgage: the first-time buyer guide

Reading Time: 7 mins The scariest thing about being a first-time buyer is getting a ... read more

Mortgage set-up costs

Reading Time: 5 mins Mortgage costs can add thousands of pounds to the final loan ... read more

Alternative ways to get your own home

Reading Time: 10 mins Buying your first home seems to be harder than ever before. ... read more

Can I afford a home? How to buy a cheap house

Reading Time: 9 mins Does such a thing as a cheap house even exist anymore? ... read more

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