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Mis-sold mortgages: Find out if you can claim

If you’ve been sold a mortgage after November 1, 2004, you may be able to make a claim on ... read more

What could equity release offer me?

If you’re approaching retirement and living in a home you’ve owned for a while, it could be your biggest ... read more

Clear Your Wardrobe For Charity On Clear Your Clutter Day

This April Action for Children are getting involved with Money Magpie’s annual Clear Your Clutter Day so if you’re ... read more

Welcome to Clear Your Clutter Day 2018 (video)

Jasmine Birtles, founder of Money Magpie and declutter queen, introduces Clear Your Clutter Day 2018. Find out everything about ... read more

How to make money from selling your Motorhome

Whatever your reason for selling your Motorhome, it’s important to make as much money as possible. Putting your Motorhome ... read more

What is the Inheritance Tax Threshold?

If you’re planning on passing on money or assets to your loved ones when you’re gone, your heirs could ... read more

Children matter most: Why grandparents can play a pivotal role

While some may scoff at the idea of a pensions crisis in the UK, this is something that poses ... read more

9 consumer rights myths debunked

Apart from the promise of warmer weather and longer days, the change of season brings another great delight: sales! ... read more

Happy House, Happy Mind, Healthy You

Decluttering and tidying your home has health benefits. There are tons of reasons why a happy house will foster ... read more

Make money selling vinyl records

No turntable? Not a fan of the artist? Your mum would faint if she saw them in the house? ... read more

Stuff We Love To Hoard – Top 10 Unused Items

Decluttering can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be. The best way to start, is to… start. Using statistics provided ... read more

The Then and Now of Shrove Tuesday

Every year on Shrove Tuesday kitchens around the world become battlefields, peppered with the debris that is only to ... read more

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