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How to make money from your house….room by room

Rachel Hazelwood 1st Jul 2024 2 Comments

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Updated 1st July 2024

There are so many ways to make money from your house, either to help with running costs, energy bills or even to make a profit. You might be prepared to use your whole house to make some extra money by renting it out as a location for tv or film. Or you might prefer to just use a single space, such as your garage, driveway or spare room.

Whatever your preference, we’ve got lots of ideas here on Money Magpie on how to make your house pay for itself, room by room!


spare room

Renting out a spare bedroom can make you up to £7,500 a year tax-free. According to the government’s Rent a Room Scheme you can let out as much of your home as you want. Depending on your space and preferences, you’ll need to decide what kind of housemate you’re after. Could you manage a permanent co-resident who freely uses common areas like the living room and kitchen? Or would you prefer short-term visitors who simply need a pillow to lay their heads on at the end of the day? 

Either way, you’ll be earning a passive income and can make money sitting on your butt doing nothing at the end of a long day. You can rest easy knowing you have money coming in without doing anything.


Sites like:

cover the whole of the UK. They’re the perfect platforms for advertising your room for a lodger. 

Airbnb currently dominates the global market for vacation rentals. It’s a good place to list your spare room for occasional holidaymakers. 


Decluttered Garage

How much do you use your garage?  If you can clear some space you could rent it out on sites like  Stashbee or Storemates. You can charge a competitive rate for your space and they will add a small fee onto to cover their expenses. They also offer insurance to protect whatever you choose to give a home to. It’s a great and easy way to make a bit of cash, if you’ve got the space.


increase value of home

Make money sitting down and watching TV! We know what you’re thinking – can you REALLY make money watching television?

Well yes, you can!

OK, you might have to do a bit more than just watch, but there are plenty of ways to turn your relaxing pastime into a money-making opportunity.

Find out how you can make money watching TV.


The most valuable toys you might have in your attic

Do you have items lying around that you think might be worth something? You’re probably right, and they may be worth a lot more than you think.

Children’s toys like Nintendo consoles or Star Wars figures could be worth hundreds of pounds, and costume jewellery is always popular, especially designs from the 1930s, which can also be worth hundreds. Objects and furniture from the 1980s are also set to rise in popularity and value as we get further away from that iconic decade. Get that ladder down and find out if there might be cash in the attic…


host a dinner party

In the kitchen you could make money hosting dinner parties, pop-ups, special event, cooking classes and much more with www.eatwith.com.  Hosts need to be able to cook as you will be charging for what you produce but you can charge anything from £20-£60 pp. You will need to budget for the cost of buying and preparing the food, so you couldn’t make a living from this, but if you love to cook and have the space, it’s great way to meet new people and to earn a bit of money while you do.


Woman with shopping bags using a tablet

You can make money in so many different ways these days, and yes, you heard us right – that includes empty boxes. With the rise in popularity of influencers and bloggers, we’re also seeing an increasing demand to sell old boxes for tech and designer goods online. This is our simple guide on how you can sell the empty boxes you have lying around at home and earn some cash!


Toilet roll and empty tubes

You can make money selling old toilet rolls. Nope, we’re not even joking about this! In fact, there are truly loads of people out there just dying to get their hands on your old toilet rolls.

We did a little investigation into this rising money-making trend and gathered some important information to help you make an extra buck or two.



No matter how small your garden may be, you can earn a sweet mint with some of our clever outdoor money-making ideas. From using the soil for growing saleable produce to renting your garden for private functions, there are loads of ways to earn pretty pounds from those lovely petals. Click here are a few tops tips on how to make money from your garden.


garden shed

You may not have set foot in it for years, it may be full of tools and garden equipment. But did you know that wooden shack at the bottom of your garden could make you some extra money?

We delved into the intriguing world of shed-working and the results surprised us. There are many possibilities for transforming your dilapidated shed into a lucrative source of income. Click here to find out more…


The Raffle House main bedroom

Homeowners are seeking ways to combat the currently all-too-notorious rises in energy bills and the cost of living crisis that’s all over the news right now. One such possibility is for homeowners who have an unused annex or outbuilding that could provide ‘passive income’ by renting it out as as an Airbnb… find out how here.


Make cash renting out your driveway or garage

Do you live in a particularly prime transport location? Do you have a garage or driveway sitting unoccupied and begging to be used? Why not turn it into a money-spinner by renting it out?

Thousands of people in the UK rent out parking spaces and if you live in a big city or near an airport you could make as much as £17,000 a year! Who wouldn’t want that? We here to help you figure out if it’s the way to go for you


Clapperboard in kitchen

It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but you can make money by renting your home as a film set.

Location scouts are looking for all kinds of properties and pay up to £2,500 a day to use your home.

Click here for a quick guide to renting out your home as a film set.

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Jesús Daniel
Jesús Daniel
7 months ago

Estás indeas son geniales lo cual me podría ayudar en el día a dia

1 year ago

Interesting ideas.

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