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14 fun ways to Make Money with your Mobile Phone

Can’t bear to be parted from your mobile phone? We know the feeling. But, at MoneyMagpie, we have decided ... read more

Make money shopping around

When it comes to beauty products, are you a Boots card collector or a Superdrug stasher? Many of us ... read more

Ten ways to make money on the toilet

Seriously, make money on the toilet? Yes, you actually can…if you’re there for a bit! If you’re the sort ... read more

Make money by complaining: How to get what you want

Want to get your money back after receiving poor goods or services? Of course, companies and businesses make it ... read more

10 ways to make money doing nothing

To make money doing nothing…imagine that! To be able to sit back, relax, put in no effort and still see ... read more

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick

Fancy making extra cash this summer? Here are a host of great ideas for seasonal work that you can ... read more

Make money over the summer holidays

The summer has officially begun. Once term has ended, your exams are done and you find yourself with a ... read more

Make £750 or more in the Free Postcode Lottery

Did you know you can enter for free to the Free Postcode Lottery and potentially win at least £700 just ... read more

7 ways students can make money in their spare time

As a student, you tend to have quite a bit of spare time – but it can often be ... read more

New ways to make more money

The idea of wanting to make a little extra cash to make the month go a bit more smoothly ... read more

14 ways you can make money at university

There are so many great ways to make extra money whilst you’re still at university. All it takes is ... read more

How to make money from Valentine’s Day

Make money from Valentine’s Day – why not? Most of us are not doing anything then anyway – even ... read more

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