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5 years ago

One thing that might need to be considered is where the nearesst branch of any bank you switch to is. This could be especially important if you plan to collect coins in jars and do a lot of depositing or even if you sell stuff online and accept cheques or postal orders as payment. Although some banks do except deposits via the Post Office.

Sandra owen
Sandra owen
9 years ago

Does anyone out there know which is the best offshore bank to
Put your money in giving the best interest rate thanks.

Maggie Anderson
10 years ago

Obviously none of these banks want pensioners or other low earners as customers, if they only offer these accounts to people with at least £1,000 a month available to pay in. Doesn’t that just prove that banks are out to make money, not offer a good service to customers?
Let’s hear it for a bank that actively encourages pensioners. After all, they have a guaranteed income for life and a pay-as-you-go mindset, making them a better risk in the long term.

10 years ago

Very good point Maggie. As you say, there’s a business opportunity there. It’s time that maybe one of the supermarket chains considered special banking offers for pensioners.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jasmine

Interesting. Sounds like you could go around 20 to 30 years without be able to change your current accounts as a pensioner! But if a full state pension is about 113 pounds per week which works out as 452 every 4 weeks or 489 pounds monthly could you not add savings interest to this (or transfer money from an external savings account)? Look again as I found an account that accepts 500 pound a month deposit. Also surprised that National Savings & Investments haven’t provided a current count – unless they do not want potential borrowing customers.

10 years ago

A huge thank you to you. I’ve been struggling with my basic Barclays account and I’ve been thinking of switching to a different account but did not know which one. Basically, you’ve done the job for me. Thanks.

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