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Quick! Act now! How to spot an online scam

Part of saving money is to know when not to spend it unnecessarily. A scam is something which fits ... read more

Free advice session to avoid cybercrime

Cybercrime clinic says ‘stay safe but don’t panic’ Cyber security is a concern for everyone and we’re all learning ... read more

Watch your purse in the Christmas rush

If you’re braving the high street in the run-up to Christmas make sure you keep your wits about you. ... read more

Is Black Friday a con? 5 reasons to beware of Black Friday sales

Since its introduction to the UK in 2010, Black Friday has caught the attention of consumers and retailers all ... read more

Top 12 Holiday Rip-Offs and Scams

A holiday should be about relaxing and forgetting about the stresses of everyday life. Nothing spoils that chilled-out mood ... read more

7 scary frauds you MUST protect yourself from

There are scary financial frauds happening all the time and the fraudsters are often very clever. It’s likely that ... read more

The shocking truth about Christmas “traditions”

So you’ve seen the supermarket ads with pictures of the ‘perfect’ family Christmas with the tree, the mounds of ... read more

Don’t become trapped by unfair gym contracts

Unfair gym contracts aren't as widespread as they used to be but it's still possible that you could be ... read more

Reclaim PPI for free – Get £1,000s for mis-selling

Reclaim PPI for free. Why pay someone else to do it when it’s actually pretty simple to do yourself ... read more

Fake invoices stealing bank details

If you’re a business owner – and that includes you if you’re self-employed or you make cash on the ... read more

Watch out for dodgy broadband deals

Moneymagpie and broadband provider Relish has found that consumers overspend by £156 a year by taking up what look ... read more

Why digital downloads are a rip-off

The digital world is taking over our lives. We download music rather than buy CDs, we choose Netflix over ... read more

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