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Beware of National Accident Helpline Imposters

Reading Time: < 1 min There have been a string of recent complaints from consumers ... read more

How to avoid the most common phone scam in the UK

Reading Time: 2 mins Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has launched its annual national awareness week, with ... read more

New text scam alert – don’t be fooled

Reading Time: 2 mins If you get a text that seems to be from your ... read more

Tenants at risk of identity fraud

Reading Time: < 1 min   Renters are the people most likely to have their ... read more

5 scams to look out for on social media

Reading Time: 3 mins Most people these days will have some form of social media ... read more

Over half of 65+ers have been targeted by fraudsters

Reading Time: 4 mins A survey by Age UK has found that 53% of people ... read more

Is the end drawing near for nuisance calls?

Reading Time: 2 mins Sick of nuisance phone calls? Well, so is everybody by the ... read more

8 things your bank will NEVER ask you to do (but a fraudster might!)

Reading Time: 2 mins     Have you heard about bank courier fraud? No? Well let ... read more

Watch out for the classic tax rebate scam

Reading Time: 2 mins We received an email today claiming to be from HMRC saying ... read more

Scams are not just online

Reading Time: < 1 min There are so many online scams you could be forgiven ... read more

Why you should never shop at a rent-to-own store

Reading Time: 5 mins   What do you do when you really want something that ... read more

Why a smiley face could leave you very sad indeed!

Reading Time: 2 mins Are you one of those people who like to include a ... read more

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