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Beware credit card phone fraudsters

Jasmine Birtles 5th May 2012 No Comments

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I’ve just had this in from my local neighbourhood watch people:

There has been reports of residents within the Pembridge ward area receiving phone calls purporting to be from their banks. The person calling will say that they believe the persons Debit or credit card has been cloned and used in another part of London or Country. The caller then asks if the person still has the card, and if so, to read out the card account numbers etc.

This is a common ruse used by criminal gangs to glean information for various fraudulent activities. Please remember that your bank will NEVER ask for account numbers or card details over the phone. Many banks have systems designed where passwords and other memorable information known only to you and them are in place. If you receive such a call and feel uneasy, put the phone down and report the incident to your local SNT or local police station.

We are still experiencing incidents of distraction theft at cash point machines. Please be aware of who is around you while using a machine, if you feel uneasy, go to another one. The most common trick is that a person , usually behind you will point to some money ( or item of jewellery ) on the floor  to distract you, then either attempt to take your card or the cash being dispensed from the machine. Where practical, always use the cash machines inside the banks. If you see anything suspicious, please inform the bank staff, if the bank is open or call the police in the usual way.

So, as they say, beware of strangers phoning you and asking for your credit card details or bank details. These fraudsters are getting cleverer and cleverer so we have to keep one step ahead of them!

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