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12 Mar21

Introduction to Investing Part II

Have you already dipped your toe into investing? Perhaps you have a few index-tracking funds and some money in an equities ISA?

This course takes you onto the next steps of investing, including working out which individual companies you might like to invest in and where to go to ‘copy’ successful investors.


11 Mar21

How to set up a side-earner

There are loads of ways you could make some extra cash to keep you and your family going or to put into investments for your future.

This FREE webinar goes through lots of possibilities depending on your time, your location, your skills and your interests.

It will also look at issues like tax and insurance, how to get paid and how to get more work/sales once you’ve started.


19 Mar21

Investing Q&A with Jasmine Birtles and Special Guest!

Come with your investing questions and we will also be covering all sorts of different aspects of investing so that you will learn from people who are doing it already.

Find out about different types of funds, different philosophies of investing, and alternative investments that look interesting.


25 Mar21

Introduction to Investing

Find out how to start investing even if you’re a total beginner. This is very much the first steps to investing.



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