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Preparing for a Blackout

Reading Time: 7 mins Blackouts have become a topic of conversation in the UK for ... read more

Feed 5 for £1 (or less) per portion

Reading Time: 8 mins Can you really feed 5 for £1 per portion or less? ... read more

How to stay warm without putting the heating on

Reading Time: 4 mins How can you stay warm without putting the heating on? With ... read more

6 electric blankets to keep you warm this winter

Reading Time: 6 mins Electric blankets are all the rage right now. With energy bills ... read more

Free Fast Food to Celebrate National Fast Food Day

Reading Time: 3 mins National Fast Food Day is an unofficial holiday observed annually on ... read more

Smart meter users could be paid to reduce energy use

Reading Time: 2 mins It has been announced that homes in Great Britain with a ... read more

SAVE MONEY LIKE YOUR GRANDMA: Shoestring Jane’s new book is here!

Reading Time: 4 mins Want to save money like your Grandma? You may know her ... read more

Veganism on a budget

Reading Time: 8 mins With veganism becoming a way of life for more and more ... read more

Prevent food waste and save money!

Reading Time: 4 mins How can you prevent food waste within your home? With food ... read more

5 delicious vegan recipes you need to try!

Reading Time: 6 mins If you are in a rut and have been eating the ... read more

Free family fun this November with Bablands!

Reading Time: 2 mins Welcome back to our monthly roundup of the best free things ... read more

Detox your life: exercise for free

Reading Time: 9 mins Warning: This article contains discussion of food, eating habits and body ... read more

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