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Normal V. Gluten Free Pancakes

Kids love pancakes, so do many adults. Unfortunately it seems like more and more people are finding that they are in fact gluten-intolerant or even have coeliac disease which means Pancake Day can be a sad occasion. For those of you blessed with the ability to eat flour we have a basic pancake recipe for you. For those with a more temperamental gut, keep scrolling for our review of Grainy Brainy Gluten-Free Pancake Mix and our tips on making it!
The Swedish like jam and whipped cream with theirs. But there’s many more options such as the traditional sugar and lemon juice or maple syrup. Why not try something new this year? Perhaps some fresh berries or even cheese and ham for a savoury option.


basic pancake recipe

Here’s a recipe, which couldn’t be simpler. There is a bit of technique involved in the cooking and flipping. But here are our tips:

1. The first one is almost always a throw away, even if you’re Gordon Ramsay.

2. Use a non-stick pan, lightly oiled or buttered. Keep adding a bit more butter when the pan needs it, either wiped around with a bit of kitchen paper, or just poured in.

3. Make the mix the night before to let the starch/flour swell, but re-whisk just before cooking because the solids can sink to the bottom.

4. Your mix should be the consistency of single cream for crepes or yogurt for american style pancakes.

Pancake batter

Basic Crêpes

Ingredients: (makes 12-14)

110g plain flour

pinch of salt

2 eggs

275ml milk

50g butter for frying

Tip: If you like your pancakes thicker, more like american style pancakes, double the flour and don’t spread the mixture to the edges. If you accidentally make it too thick just add a little more milk until you’re happy with the consistency.


  1. Whisk all the ingredients, except the butter, together and leave to stand if possible overnight (but it’s also fine if you cook them immediately).
  2. Put a knob of butter in a non-stick crepe or frying pan, on a medium heat, and spread round with some kitchen paper.
  3. Ladle in enough mixture to spread evenly over the pan, and tip it around till it’s covered the surface.
  4. Cook for a minute and check with a wooden spatula or pan-slice (or similar, so as not to damage or scratch your lovely non-stick surface) that the underside is golden.
  5. Then either flip with the spatula or toss in one confident motion (over the sink if you are worried).
  6. The other side only needs 30 seconds or so.
  7. Stack up the cooked pancakes on a dinner plate with foil over (or greaseproof paper and a clean tea towel) while you do the rest.

Stack of crepe pancakes in frying pan

Serve as dessert: with the toppings such as sugar, whipped/squirty cream, berries, Nutella, syrup etc.


Serve as a Savoury main course

  1. Add your choice of savoury toppings such as cheese, chilli, cooked chicken, mushrooms, spinach etc. and roll up like a taco.
  2. Top with grated cheese or a cheesy sauce
  3. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, to make a pancake bake.

Savoury Pancakes

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Gluten-Free Pancake mix review

With more and more people finding they are gluten intolerant we road-tested a pancake batter mix with a difference: it’s Gluten-free “Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix” (£4.99/365g from available from Ocado, M&S, Selfridges etc. It contains protein-rich buckwheat and quinoa flours, bringing you vitamins, calcium and iron, plus Omega-3 loaded, heart-friendly flaxseed.


How to make pancakes using the “Grainy Brainy pancake mix”:

  1. Add 2 eggs and 400ml of almond milk (but you can use any other kind of milk) to make the pancake batter.
  2. Add some butter into a frying pan and pour the batter into a small circle (We made American-style pancakes as they were a little thicker, but if you want to make crêpe-style pancakes then add more milk/water).
  3. After making 4-5 pancakes (American-style), you could eat them for breakfast with honey or berries etc… and they make a great alternative for normal pancake batter if you want to be a little healthier.

Pancake cooking process


The only problem I found was the batter was quite thick to it was hard to make thinner pancakes, but you can always add more milk.


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