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Make your food go further with Hubbub

Reading Time: 23 mins Our founder Jasmine Birtles recently hosted an Instagram Live with Mark ... read more

Furniture Poverty and where to get free stuff

Reading Time: 3 mins Furniture poverty (which includes being unable to afford anything from beds ... read more

Gluten Free Food on a Budget

Reading Time: 5 mins At an event recently we were asked the best way to ... read more

Asda and Morrisons Cut Prices

Reading Time: 4 mins UK Supermarket chains Asda and Morrisons cut prices to help struggling ... read more

The No Spend Challenge: Does It Work?

Reading Time: 3 mins TikTok and Instagram often talk about “no spend challenges”. It is ... read more

Shoestring Cottage: Our new frugal columnist

Reading Time: 4 mins Meet our new columnist Jane Berry, AKA Shoestring Jane from Shoestring ... read more

The groups working hard to fight food waste

Reading Time: 5 mins At MoneyMagpie, we recently launched a campaign with our founder and ... read more

Interview with Frugal Blogger: Shoestring Cottage

Reading Time: 6 mins The world can feel a very scary place at the moment, ... read more

SORTEDfood’s Smart Tips for Saving Money in the Kitchen

Reading Time: 5 mins Ahead of our Instagram live, we asked SORTEDfood to share their ... read more

Beware of these top retailer tactics

Reading Time: 2 mins We all know that payday feeling: you’ve been going without treats ... read more

Frugal Food: How to save money on your food bills.

Reading Time: 3 mins Frugal food, it’s a concept that we’ve been thinking about a ... read more

Veganuary on a budget!

Reading Time: 8 mins In recent years, becoming a vegan for the month of January, ... read more

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