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Master the art of haggling

Haggling strikes fear into many people’s hearts. Thousands of shoppers would rather pay over the odds in order to ... read more

5 myths about buying a watch – BUSTED!

Тime has proved that the abundance of modern fashionable gadgets has failed to eliminate watches from the look of ... read more

Your Map To The Best FREE Foraging Spots

Most of us have been out into the countryside, with our old ice-cream tubs, foraging for blackberries at some ... read more

FREE App Gets You Discounts And Cashback On Your Groceries!

Ever heard of CheckoutSmart? You could earn hundreds of pounds a year in cash rewards from your favourite brands ... read more

Boosting your income in the most unlikely ways

Who doesn’t want to boost their income? Especially at the time of year where the need for a holiday ... read more

Can you spot the BOGOFs from the rip offs?

This week National Numeracy is reaching out to anyone in the UK who struggles with everyday tasks due to ... read more

The best discounts most students don’t know they’re entitled to

There are loads of discounts out there but it’s finding them that’s often the trouble. And when it comes ... read more

How to look like you’re giving generous gifts when you’re actually just being stingy

We all have that one month in a year that is just impossibly full of important birthdays that require ... read more

How to save money on almost anything

With everything increasing in cost these days, spending less (or receiving more for your hard-earned money) can be challenging. ... read more

9 consumer rights myths debunked

Apart from the promise of warmer weather and longer days, the change of season brings another great delight: sales! ... read more

When big names go bust – your rights

Some pretty high-profile names have bitten the dust in recent years, leaving loads of people in the lurch. It ... read more

My rights when a shop goes bust

There’s another sad list of high-street names going bust this season. So what are your rights if you’ve bought ... read more

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