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How to look like you’re giving generous gifts when you’re actually just being stingy

We all have that one month in a year that is just impossibly full of important birthdays that require ... read more

How to save money on almost anything

With everything increasing in cost these days, spending less (or receiving more for your hard-earned money) can be challenging. ... read more

9 consumer rights myths debunked

Apart from the promise of warmer weather and longer days, the change of season brings another great delight: sales! ... read more

When big names go bust – your rights

Some pretty high-profile names have bitten the dust in recent years, leaving loads of people in the lurch. It ... read more

Where to catch the best discounts on fashion items online

It’s a well-known fact that the best deals to be found are online. From eBay bargains to airline flash ... read more

My rights when a shop goes bust

There’s another sad list of high-street names going bust this season. So what are your rights if you’ve bought ... read more

Christmas gifts: Practical gifts for the whole family for under £20

We all love getting Christmas gifts, but most of us also want practical gifts we can actually use! There’s nothing ... read more

The Best Value Christmas Hampers for Under £60 (2017)

Everyone loves a hamper. They look so impressive and there are some really Christmassy ones around. But a lot ... read more

Your rights with guarantees and Warranties – what you need to know

Buying new products can be fraught with choices. Aside from choosing which makes, prices or colours you want, you ... read more

How to get the best deals outside of Black Friday

Black Friday can be a great time to pick up bargains…so long as you follow our rules and don’t ... read more

Guide to voucher codes: Being clever with codes

Voucher codes are all the rage these days but making the most of them can be tricky. To help ... read more

Have a Zero Waste Christmas – 5 Recipes for Leftovers

For many of us, food is a main element when it comes to Christmas, so much so that we ... read more

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