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5 things you should know about buying life insurance for your child

Many of us turn to companies like Lincoln Heritage to purchase life insurance for ourselves to ensure our loved ... read more

Insurance policies that you need to take out

Throughout your life, you are likely to take out all sorts of insurance policies. “Insurance” is a contract where ... read more

Do supermarkets offer the cheapest van insurance?

Supermarkets are the place to go to get just about anything you can think of at bargain prices, so ... read more

9 ways you can lower your car insurance costs

Are you looking to buy a car, but worried about insurance? Yes, car insurance can cost a fortune, and ... read more

PPI claims exactly one year away from deadline

Any individual who believes that they might have been mis-sold PPI have exactly one year to claim any lost ... read more

How much does handyman business insurance cost

This is a fantastic time to be a business owner. Thanks to technology, it is possible to have a ... read more

Listed buildings and home insurance – what you need to know

The UK is blessed with a huge supply and wide variety of beautiful period properties that are also homes. ... read more

Rejoice – car insurance premiums are falling!

Quarterly data released by the UK’s leading price comparison website, MoneySuperMarket, has revealed a significant drop in the price ... read more

Why final expense insurance is more cost effective for seniors

When you’re younger, and have a spouse and children to support, life insurance makes a lot of sense. Life ... read more

What type of home insurance do you need?

When you are visiting one of the home insurance comparison sites to get a quote, you might be asked ... read more

Ghost Broking: How to protect your motoring insurance from the latest scam

These days, it seems that there is some new scam popping up around every corner when you least expect ... read more

Do you need income protection insurance?

For many people, it definitely pays to take out income protection insurance and protect their salary. Ask yourself the ... read more

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