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How to make money from pole dancing

While the term ‘pole dancing’ may conjure up images of seedy night clubs and all sorts of unsavoury behaviour, ... read more

Get paid £10,000 to explore Britain!

 How would you like to get paid £10K to vlog your way around Britain, using a 16-25 Railcard, with ... read more

My rights when a shop goes bust

There’s another sad list of high-street names going bust this season. So what are your rights if you’ve bought ... read more

How to make money from cosplay

So, you’ve always enjoyed making your own outfits for dress-up parties, but never considered trying to make money from ... read more

How to become a celebrity and make a fortune

Even though we may deny it, we’ve all had at least a moment of wishing we were famous. While ... read more

Make £20,000 a year as a protein taster

You can make £20,000 as a protein taster for an online fitness marketplace. The job advert states that the ... read more

How to make money sewing

Enjoy spending your evenings crafting beautiful fabric creations? Well, why not use your sewing skills to make some extra ... read more

7 Ways to make money from your holiday

If you’ve been avoiding that much-needed vacation due to the gaping hole it will leave in your pocket at ... read more

Make money by selling stuff on Instagram

Do you have a great home-made product or a burgeoning collection of vintage clothes you’d like to sell online, ... read more

Get money from friends through Messenger peer-to-peer payments now!

Yep, that’s right. You can now get money from friends through Messenger peer-to-peer payments and it’s never been easier, ... read more

Make money chatting to friends

Do you like chatting to friends on messaging apps? You probably text or send them pictures. You might spend ... read more

How to make money playing video games

Has anyone ever said to you, in a futile bid to cut back your gaming habit, “you won’t make ... read more

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