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10 Ways To Make Money From Your Trash

Lydia 23rd May 2022 2 Comments

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We love a good spring clean at MoneyMagpie but before you throw out your trash, read through this article. Below you’ll find 10 ways to make money from your trash from selling laptops to empty boxes. You may even want to check your attic. Brooks Conkle found an old bike that he almost put on a trash pile, but ended up selling for $650.  Have a look and add some money to your pockets.

start an online fitness business

Sell your old laptop

Sell on your old laptops and computers and gain some of your expenditure back! Cash In Your Gadgets will even arrange a free pick-up slot for you. All you have to do is tell them the serial number and its condition and they’ll give you a quote. Even if your device has been through it, if it turns on you can still get some money.

Sell your aluminium cans

If you’re partial to a can of coke, why not collect your empties. Whilst it is easier to just throw them in the recycle if you collect your cans, you make a bit on the side. Sites like Think Cans are a good place to start with this – it can help direct you to your closest can recycling centre.

Make your home look inviting to increase the sale value

Sell your old sofas online

There’s nothing people hate more than having to hack up a sofa to take it to the tip. So if it’s in a good state why not sell it online – websites like gumtree or Facebook marketplace are a great place to start.

Recycle your ink cartridges

If you still have a printer at home – you’ll know how expensive they are to buy. But what if I told you that you can make money from reselling the empties. The Recycling Factory offers this service, if you input your ink cartridge type, they’ll tell you how much you can earn.

 Make money selling empty boxes

In this article, we discuss how you can make money selling your old designer boxes. Increasingly, people are hunting out old designer boxes and bags as interior décor or props for photo backdrops. Read the article here and see if there’s any money to be made.

old video games

Sell your old games console

If you like to keep up to date with the latest tech, you’ve probably got an old games console hanging around, collecting dust. Why not sell it on, sites like musicMagpie will purchase your old consoles off you. You can get a decent amount of if they are in good working order.

Recycle your old phones

Much like laptops and games consoles, old phones can bring in an extra few pounds. If you update your phone every few years, chances are you have a couple of spares around the house. You can recycle your phone, and get some cash in the process, with mobile networks OR providers* like giffgaff.

Old books in primary colours

Sell old books

Before you take your books to the charity shop or throw them in the recycling, take a minute to read this article. You might have a first edition hiding on your bookcase so think twice about just giving them away. And those old uni textbooks will still be worth a lot so consider selling those on your local university buy and sell page.

Sell precious metals and old jewellery

Do you have precious metals in your home? Don’t sit on it! Whether it’s costume jewellery, old watches, antiques, or in any other form, you could turn your gold and old valuables into cash! Whatever the condition or age, make extra money with dontsitonit.co.uk.

Request a FREE postage pack, send off your valuables and receive a cash offer within 48 hours. If you accept the offer, get the cash sent to your bank account within just 30 minutes – if you decline the offer, you’ll get your valuables delivered back to you for free – no fuss. Try it out today and make money now.

Sell old Cassette tapes

Maybe you’re doing your spring clean, and you’ve found a collection of old cassettes, don’t throw them out, price them up! With 90s nostalgia coming back those old tapes might be worth something. You can read our how-to guide all about cassettes here.

Sell old CDs

Whilst some people have fully moved to the online world of streaming, there is still money to be made in that box of CDs you have. Check out this article for the best places to sell them and see the big sellers at the moment.

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1 year ago

I have cassette tapes for sell

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Some good ideas.

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