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What affects currency values?

The foreign exchange market (“Forex” or “FX”) is a decentralised global marketplace that enables traders to buy, sell, and ... read more

Secrets to success in the stock market

The stock market has an incredible allure, and there are a good few reasons why so many people are ... read more

The right way to invest in a REIT

There’s little doubt that investing in real estate can be incredibly profitable. But for rare, economy- shattering events, real ... read more

Japanese yen performing well against USD

When it comes to currency pairings, one that has certainly been capturing the interest of forex followers everywhere of ... read more

How can you save on the energy bills in your rental property?

With Britain enjoying a reasonably (by our standards) hot summer, one could be excused for thinking more about sunny ... read more

A guide to robo-advice: everything you need to know

The term robo-advice is being used more and more. Even high street banks are now offering services labelled as ... read more

Why use a health insurance broker?

Health insurance is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthiest. Many ordinary people on average incomes are choosing ... read more

eToro: an easy way to invest and make money if you know what you’re doing

I’m always on for an easy way to invest. I can’t be bothered spending hours, weeks, months studying markets, ... read more

10 top pieces of advice from the second-richest man in the world

I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett and not just because, as the 2nd richest man in the world, ... read more

Make money the easy way and beat the banks

If you suspect you’ve been conned by the banks for years, you’re right – we’ve been sold rubbish products ... read more

How to survive another recession

No one wants to think that another recession could be around the corner. Unfortunately, the way the economic cycle ... read more

3 things to bear in mind when sending money online

Let’s face facts; 2016 was a year of immense volatility, both from a political and an economic perspective. It ... read more

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