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Summer jobs for students

With the summer just around the corner; exams coming to an end and longer days to come, there are ... read more

10 reasons why you should leave your job

If you are anything like me, you’ve dreamed about the day you will leave your job to do something ... read more

Become a professional McDonald’s Monopoly Player for £45/ph

This job involves you getting paid to eat McDonald’s. I repeat, this job involves you getting paid to eat ... read more

Job alert: Make £70,000 a year as a nanny

We just found this slightly bonkers job advert for a nanny. You’ll be making £70k a year if you’re ... read more

The jobs you want to try out for

Depending on the kind of person you are, there’s a lot of different job sectors you’re going to go ... read more

Get Paid to become a Jedi Master

Patience you must have, my young padawan. Do you know the difference between an X-Wing and a Naboo Starfighter? ... read more

7 ways for super polite people to make money

Are you blessed (or possibly burdened) with a natural tendency toward being polite? Well, if you’ve never considered making ... read more

Make money as a Disney Cruise line waiter

Love Disney? Love travel? Want to set sail and live your very own Disney dream? If so we’ve found ... read more

Things officials can do after losing their jobs to technology

  Being replaced by a bot The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by broad scale use of big data ... read more

Make money being nosey

Being able to make money being nosey sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s time to put your natural curiosity to ... read more

Make money as an Avon Lady

Being an Avon Representative is not just for yummy mummies. More and more men are getting into selling cosmetics ... read more

10 Scary ways to make money

You don’t need Halloween to know that there are many scary ways to make money out there. Some are ... read more

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