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The Great British Pay Rise Survey

The issue of pay rises in the workplace is rarely far from the news, or our collective minds. From ... read more

Cash in on Catering

If you have a talent and passion for cooking, there’s no reason why you can’t start up your own ... read more

Love to Swim? Find Out How to Make Money as a Lifeguard

Fancy yourself as David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson? Then why not make money as a lifeguard? Lifeguards can work part or full time, ... read more

Make money as a personal shopper

Are you stylish? Do you dress well? Do you know how to put an outfit together? Have you got ... read more

Should you do an unpaid internship? The pros and cons

Unpaid internships are a growing trend within the job market. Research states that about a fifth of interns work ... read more

Is it still worth going to university?

For most 18-year-old college students, there is one big question surrounding their future: should I go to university? The ... read more

Drive for money: the four-wheel courier

Fancy driving for money? Then being a courier might be just the thing for you! It’s a job that ... read more

9 ways to make a good first impression on no money

THREE SECONDS… That’s all the time it takes for someone to begin to form an opinion of you. How you’re ... read more

Tone of voice: the underrated key to a great CV

If you Google ‘how to write a good CV’, you’ll find plenty of good advice. But CV guides mostly ... read more

The cleaning uniform tax rebate – how to get your money back

Do you have to wear a uniform for work? Do you have to clean it yourself? If so, you ... read more

How to become a CPA

Those interested in a career in accounting are often inspired by the promise of career advancement, great earnings potential, ... read more

5 tips for getting more money from your boss

Do you deserve a pay rise? Maybe you’ve been working harder and staying later than everyone else in the ... read more

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