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Get Paid to Eat Meal Deals!

Reading Time: < 1 min Get paid to eat sandwiches …We’ve all been in a ... read more

How to make your dream a reality: by Katie Godfrey

Reading Time: 4 mins Katie Godfrey’s Story Sometimes we read a story that gives us ... read more

Get Paid to Sleep!

Reading Time: 2 mins Would you like to get paid to sleep? Well, If you’re ... read more

Industries in desperate need of workers

Reading Time: 6 mins Between Brexit and the pandemic, certain industries have lost hundreds of ... read more

Your rights if your employer insists you get vaccinated

If your employer demands that you get vaccinated and you don’t want to, what do you do? This question has come to me a ... read more

Can No Jab Mean No Job?

Reading Time: 4 mins Many people are worried about their employment rights regarding the Covid-19 ... read more

Working abroad After Brexit: Visas and Taxes Explained

Reading Time: 7 mins Working abroad after Brexit will change now that the UK has ... read more

Dirty Ways to Make Money in 2021

Reading Time: 6 mins Finding a job in the current climate can be tough, but ... read more

What Does a DBS Check Include?

Reading Time: 5 mins A DBS check can be an important tool for employers and ... read more

Exam Marking – Use your Knowledge to Make money

Reading Time: 3 mins Many teachers and lecturers – both active and retired – boost ... read more

Make money copywriting

Reading Time: 6 mins How would you like to make money copywriting? Ever wondered who ... read more

Second Job and Side Hustle Taxes Explained

Reading Time: 7 mins With more and more people turning to multiple sources of income ... read more

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