Make money copywriting

Make money copywriting

29 November 2020
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How would you like to make money copywriting? Ever wondered who writes the ‘blurbs’ in brochures, websites and direct mail shots that come through the door? Well someone does and they get paid well for it. It could be you. Welcome to the world of copywriting…

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What’s involved?

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Copywriting is a great way to make money from your writing if you have a commercial sense. It is a writing discipline that is needed for anything that needs to be sold. From food to fashion, every marketing campaign needs someone to make it sound appealing.

It’s a skilled form of writing and will require you to turn around lots copy – sometimes in a short space of time. This could include writing a dozen articles in a matter of days.

Most companies will pay per article on a set rate. However, rates are negotiable – depending on the agency.

Nowadays people who are very good at copywriting can command very high payments for their work. However, this will only occur when that writing turns into clicks.

Copywriting organisations all work in different ways, and in most cases the writers are at the bottom of the chain.

Some companies are a collection of freelancers working remotely under one name. Other companies will have a combination of in-house staff and freelancers.

If you work as a freelance copywriter, you’ll get a brief from the company. It will usually include the word length, and any keywords or phrases needed to promote the product. Likewise you’ll also receive details about the style and tone of the article as well as any direction on different sections. However, each company does work differently, so guidance may not always be forthcoming.

Other people get work directly from companies online. They have taught themselves how to write enticing copy and have set up their own websites to sell themselves and then people come to them.

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