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5 tips for preventing your unexpected bills from causing further financial damage

Car repairs, broken boilers and parking tickets can all strike at any time, and if you don’t have a ... read more

Don’t miss the PPI deadline: Make a PPI claim today

Have you claimed PPI yet? Thousands of people in the UK have made successful PPI claims and received a ... read more

The Value of Things: A Survey of UK Consumers

The digital revolution has changed much in society, from how we communicate to how we consume culture. It’s also ... read more

Give yourself a rich retirement whatever age you are

Whatever age you are there are simple retirement savings you can make to plan ahead for a rich future. ... read more

The easy way to protect your income – get a savings safety net

How long could you manage if you suddenly lost your source of income? Six months? Six weeks? Six days? ... read more

How to build up savings when you’re broke

Yes it is possible for you to build up savings when broke. I’m not saying it’s easy but whatever ... read more

The shocking number of people without bank accounts

Recently I was interviewed for a south American TV network about why so many people in the world don’t ... read more

How to choose the best student bank account

Banks go all-out to get student money at the start of the academic year with their student bank account. That ... read more

How to reclaim mis-sold packaged bank accounts in three easy steps

Have you been mis-sold a packaged bank account?   Research shows 73% of UK adults have been pressured into buying ... read more

21 brilliant ways to be poor

Want to be poor? Want to struggle day-to-day to find enough cash to live on? Want to have an ... read more

A guide to choosing the best student bank account

Choosing the right student bank account is one of the most important decisions you make before going to university. ... read more

The Government is giving you money

The Government is giving you money… well, almost! As of now, you don’t have to pay tax on any interest ... read more

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