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Voluntary Redundancy Explained

Reading Time: 5 mins Many companies, including the BBC, are currently inviting staff to apply ... read more

How to Get Work as a Mechanic

Reading Time: 4 mins Choosing to learn a trade or a specific skill set is ... read more

6 Vital Tips to Ace a Video Interview

Reading Time: 5 mins Over 60% of hiring managers and recruiters use video interviews at ... read more

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing CV

Reading Time: 5 mins An attention-grabbing CV is vital any time – but now, it’s ... read more

How to Find a Job After Parental Leave

Reading Time: 4 mins Finding a job after taking parental leave seems very daunting, regardless ... read more

Unfair contracts (and how to avoid them)

Reading Time: 5 mins Got a new contract to sign and feeling more than a ... read more

People are Desperate to Hire These Trades

Reading Time: 5 mins Seemingly vast numbers of people have used part of their extra ... read more

Make money with a private dining business

Reading Time: 8 mins Private home events and small weddings could soon be back on ... read more

How to Become a Chef

Reading Time: 7 mins Ever wondered if you should become a chef? If lockdown has ... read more

Make Money with these Summer Jobs in 2020

Reading Time: 4 mins We’re all feeling the pinch right now – but the good ... read more

Job scam or job offer? How to avoid fraudsters

Reading Time: 6 mins A job scam is a fake online job advertisement targeting jobseekers ... read more

Make Money in Teaching and Childcare This Summer

Reading Time: 5 mins The Government revealed plans for some year groups to start returning ... read more

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