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Job Security Scheme – Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Reading Time: 5 mins Feeling a bit confused about the various support packages that the ... read more

Make money from elections – be a poll clerk

Reading Time: 4 mins As a general election looms, many people will not realise that ... read more

Paralympian Liz Johnson and Podium: The Disabled Freelancers Platform

Reading Time: 4 mins Freelancing is a popular option for people with disabilities who have ... read more

How to Switch Careers at Any Age

Reading Time: 5 mins You might think switching careers is a young person’s game. After ... read more

Is an Apprenticeship Right For You?

Reading Time: 5 mins Apprenticeships haven’t always been popular, but they’re growing in popularity again. ... read more

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and Your New Side Hustle

Reading Time: 5 mins In the past few years we’ve seen a massive rise in ... read more

Yes, You SHOULD Apply for That Job

Reading Time: 4 mins With such a vast number of recent changes in the world ... read more

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

Reading Time: 4 mins As a nation, we’re notoriously bad at talking about money. In ... read more

The Best Networking Groups for Women Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 5 mins There is nothing more empowering than surrounding yourself with like-minded people ... read more

Make up to £80 an hour as a private tutor

Reading Time: 7 mins Working as a private tutor can be very lucrative. The demand ... read more

Redundancy Preparation: How to Make the Most of Furlough

Reading Time: 6 mins As many as 9.6 million jobs across 1.2 million companies have ... read more

How to make money if you’re under 18

Reading Time: 17 mins While making a few quid here and there can be easy ... read more

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