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8 ways to make money from your postcode

26 March 2020
Reading Time: 7 mins

Did you know you can make money from your postcode? Whether you’re in the country or in the town, you can make some extra cash simply by being where you are.

Let’s examine the top 8 methods to make money from your postcode below:

Your postcode can make you £800 today!

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The first way to make money from your postcode can be done through The Free Postcode Lottery. You can also make up to £800 from this on any given day. The website is totally legitimate and offers a chance for you to make money from your postcode every day.

All you do is sign up with your email address and postcode. then check back on the site every day to see if your postcode has won. So be sure to check every day!

There’s no catch either. The website works by having people check the site every day so it increases the traffic. This in turn increases the amount of money they can make from advertisers.

So the website makes enough money simply from it’s traffic, enabling their cash prizes!

Not only that, but the site has lots of other ways you can make money just by watching videos or clicking on links.!

Try it here; put your email address and postcode in and win £800 today!

Find out more in our article about it here.

Find local work

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Perhaps the most obvious way to make money from your postcode is to look for local employment.

For example, in your area you could do:

You can also use sites like Gumtree, RatedPeople, and to find work in your local area.

Or just do it yourself. Make flyers and posters and advertise your skills in local libraries, train stations, pubs or even put leaflets through letterboxes in your area.

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