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Make money from elections – be a poll clerk

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When you’ve got to vote in an election, you will almost certainly have noticed the poll clerks overseeing everything.

However, have you ever considered making a bit of extra cash as a poll clerk yourself?

Can you make yourself free for the whole day?

If so, you can earn around £250 for a day’s work in a polling station.

It’s a quick and easy money-making idea and ideal if you are retired or a student.



Who can become a poll clerk?

Anyone is eligible to act as a poll clerk, providing they are over 18, literate and not a member of a political party participating in the election.

The only other requirement is that applicants must be on the electoral roll – if you’re not, you really should be. Not being on the electoral roll can damage your credit rating!

If you’re not on the electoral roll you just need to contact your local Council and ask them to do it.


What’s involved?

As a poll clerk you are there to help the Presiding Officer set up polling booths: check and mark each person as they vote; stamp and issue ballot papers to voters, making sure they bear the official mark; ensure that voters cast their votes in secret; answer any questions in a friendly and professional way; show people how to vote; and maintain the secrecy and security of the ballot.

It’s a long day, usually from early morning (before 7am) till at least 10pm when the voting finishes.

You can also apply to help count the ballot papers in the evening, but be aware that this is, as you can probably imagine, pretty frantic work.


How much can I make?

moneymagpie_Make money from elections - be a poll clerk_moneyThe amount you earn varies from council to council so it depends on where you apply.

You should be getting at least £100 for the day and councils who pay the most will offer £250 or more.

To find out how much your council pays, visit the CITA listings of local authorities.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that after two or three years’ experience as a poll clerk, you can apply to become a Presiding Officer, which means more money!


How do I apply?

moneymagpie_Make money from elections - be a poll clerk_polling-station(2)Usually, poll clerks have worked for their local council, but this experience is not a prerequisite.

Call your local authority and ask for the Elections and Registration Office, or send them an email telling them that you’re interested. They’ll send you a form if they need clerks.

Also, many local authorities have online application forms, so have a look at their websites.

Don’t leave it until a week before an election to apply because the positions will probably already be filled – it’s better to apply sooner rather than later.

Some local authorities recruit all year round so you can keep applying and be put on a waiting list for the next election.

If you are selected as a poll clerk you will attend a training/briefing session and then be sworn in the day before the election.

On Election Day, a Presiding Officer oversees the whole station and will supervise and instruct you.



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Have you ever made money as a polling clerk? Do you have any other good money making ideas? Let us know in the comments section below – we love to hear from you!


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Lavinia Cruickshank
Lavinia Cruickshank

Mrs Lavinia Cruickshank.I have been counting on elections for several years but have not been called on this election 8th June, Could you tell me why. tel 07496194303


Sorry, we don’t know. Best to contact your local Council and ask them why.

Harold Laughary
Harold Laughary

I found this on Bing and just wanted to thank you for the information in your posts. I will take my time and look at other sections of your site and add it to my favorites.

Cynthia Adams
Cynthia Adams

I would like to also be considered for a Poll Clark in Essex if possible.
I usually assist in our Local Elections so this may help.Regards Cynthia


There may be a problem in that if you apply now you may already be too late. If you’re already having a local council election on May 6th then staff for that day will have already been appointed – for my local council the closing date for applications was February 5th and I had my Poll Clerk training session this morning. We will also act as Clerks for the general election now that it’s known it’s being held on the same day. A friend of mine who lives in an area with no local elections still had to apply a… Read more »


Hi I would love to be a poll clerk in the Leicester area. I come under Blaby District Council. I am also looking for a job as a mystery shopper/tester/market researcher.

Love the site would love a reply.


Good idea Fiona. Just ring up your local council and see if they will send you a form to fill in to be a poll clerk. We’ve got articles on how to become a mystery shopper and market researcher too. Take a look at these ones – Mystery shopping and Being a Market Researcher.


Cheers Paul, its great to get feedback! Thanks Jasmine am just making a denim/pony skin look bag with my sewing machine and am hoping to sell/design a range of bags in the future, so may need some marketing advice.

Also make cards, any ideas the most lucrative ways to make money in this way? I will look on the mystery shopper sites etc. Thank you so much for your help.


i would like to be a poll clerk in Essex


hi will like to help oy on this day

hope of hearning from u


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