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Make up to £80 an hour as a private tutor

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Being a private tutor can be very lucrative. If you’re a graduate, particularly with knowledge of maths or sciences, you can make a lot of money tutoring GCSE students or those trying to get into university. Read on to find out how you could make as much as £80 an hour tutoring.

An Ipsos MORI survey found that nationwide 22% of 11 to 16-year-olds have received private tuition, whilst in London the figure is as high as 43%. And tutors can charge £80+ an hour for their services, a figure which concerned parents are apparently prepared to pay.


How does it work?

Young male tutor teaching young boy

Tutors are usually employed on a short-term basis, to help kids make it through the weeks leading up to their exams and get them properly prepared. Often parents will want a private tutor to come to their home to teach, or, as is becoming more popular recently, tutors can teach remotely online. So if you plan to teach in the child’s home, remember you’ll need to factor in travel costs.


What qualifications do you need?

Male tutor teaching male teenage student

Obviously you have to have some knowledge – but you don’t necessarily have to be a qualified teacher. If you have a degree your skills in that subject will still be sought after. University students who are still studying for their degree can make themselves some well-needed cash this way too.

You’ll need to be patient, an enthusiastic communicator and good with teenagers (remember they can be a difficult age group). Plus, along with helping with their learning, you’ll need to be able to inspire confidence in them.

This is a big part of being a private tutor – if children believe that they can work out that maths formula and have confidence in their abilities they’ll be much less nervous about the exams. It’s important to remember that word of mouth is often the best way tutors get work, so to have a great reputation in your local area can be worth everything.

Don’t forget that if you don’t work through an agency, you may well need to have a CRB check. To find out about how to get one, see our article here.


How to advertise and get work as a private tutor

Young female tutor teaching young boy

Exams are fast approaching, so you’ll need to get your advertising sorted as quickly as possible. You can do so in your local area – in the library, post office, supermarket or newsagent’s for instance. Alternatively you can go online.


Sites like Schoolstrader are a great option. It covers 30,000 independent primary and secondary schools across the UK and Ireland. Placing an ad here’s completely free and it’ll stay up on the site for three months.

Alternatively, you could work for an agency – where you’re likely to earn more but they often have strict requirements about your educational background. They’re unlikely to employ those without teaching qualifications or a first-class degree.

Have a look at The Good Schools Guide (which is pretty expensive, but your local library should have a copy in their reference section) to see which agencies they recommend.

Bright Young Things


Over the past few years, Bright Young Things, a tutoring business based in London, has been recruiting high-flying students. They said that some of their Manchester graduates were earning over £100 for four hours’ teaching through their online one-on-one service. A chemistry graduate tutor, who did not want to be named said, “Last year I earned enough money to spend throughout my last summer before I got a proper job. It even allowed me to afford to get unpaid work experience at a newspaper. I could not recommend it more.”

The Tutor Website

You can advertise on The Tutor Website for just £25 a year. You list your subjects and set your prices, and there are no agency fees. Students and parents browse the site looking for potential tutors in the subject they want. The site also provides practical advise on tutoring and getting the most from your advert.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is also becoming a popular option – it’ll save you travel costs getting to and from clients homes, plus it’s more convenient for families, particularly those in more remote areas.

Tutors can speak to children remotely via Skype and work using a virtual whiteboard. You’ll earn less this way, but of course you don’t have to consider travel costs or materials.

There’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to being a private tutor. You can teach anything – from music to geography. Plus, subjects like languages and music can be taught year round to adults as well as children, which means if you’re serious about it, you could make a career out of being a private tutor. For loads of tips about starting your own business, have a look at our small business blog.


Another way…

Tute Logo on laptop

Tute is a social learning platform that encourages interactive learning by chatting to tutors online. There are over 250 lessons running every week and they cover all main subjects and all levels from age 8-18.

If you are a private tutor looking to join Tute they have two models~:

  1. The first is where they employ tutors directly to teach in schools. You will need to be a good, qualified teachers – most of Tute’s tutors have at least 5 years in class teaching experience and are often departmental heads. They will employ them for between 20-40 hours per week depending on how they want to work with them, and pay £15 for a 45 minute lesson. They will also provide weekly training and provide support to help build professional teaching resources.
  2. If you’re a private tutor who wants to join Tute’s marketplace and promote their services to parents, then you will again need to be a UK qualified teacher, ideally with a valid CRB. .

Tute let private tutors set their own fees, and charge a fixed fee of £5 per lesson for any tute introduction they make. Find out more about Tute here.


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If you’ve had experience being a private tutor, or have any questions about this article, then let us know by commenting below – we love to hear from you!

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Great article and some awesome resources.
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stan smith superstar homme
stan smith superstar homme

team that were smashed BarcaIm happy for the team and I think we deserved the result.

Dr. Sukanya Ghosh
Dr. Sukanya Ghosh

This is Dr. Sukanya. I am a MBBS graduate just graduated medical college and i am on a break before i join a hospital. I would be interested in tutoring all sciemce subjects english and maths till A levels and biology and english beyond A levels. I am doing this for pocket money so rate will be the minimum in each category. Please contact if interested. Message me on 07442477123. I am ready to take responsibilty of the student performing well in exams as well.


On the whole they do want you to have a degree. However, there’s nothing to stop you tutoring kids in your area, if you can promote yourself as someone who can help with GCSEs, for example, and charge much less than usual tutors. Once you have some experience and can show some references from parents you’ve worked for it will be much easier to get more work.

rajesh chaurasia
rajesh chaurasia


I am student of top college of India , IIT Kanpur. I had cleared one of the world’s toughest Exams IIT.
I have very deep knowledge in field of science and mathematics.

Any one want to have personal online tutor contact



I’m thinking of becoming a private tutor but I have many questions. One of my questions is: Is it necessary to have a degree in order to become a private tutor? I’ve finished my A-Levels and I’m waiting for my results. I don’t intend to get a degree in the near future. Should I even consider becoming a private tutor if I don’t have a degree?


I have found some great online tutors for my daughter at
All the tutors went to Oxford or Cambridge. It is easy to use too.
Price is ok.


I teach Russian to adults via Skype. If anybody is looking for a Russian tutor, don’t hesitate to contact me learnrussian111 gmail

Venkatesh Ramachandran
Venkatesh Ramachandran


I do reside in Bangalore, India and I am an alumnus of NIT-Jamshedpur with first class in Mech. Engg. Besides, 20+ years in IT Software industry, I have also done home tutoring for students from 7th grade to 12th grade for subjects – Maths and Science for the past 5 years.

I would like to know the options to coach UK students in maths and science by working in remote from Bangalore, India.

Appreciate your support.


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