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Oct 08

Make money for Christmas: Christmas jobs available now

Reading Time: 11 mins

Have a very merry Christmas this year and earn extra cash doing one of the many Christmas jobs available from October on. As we head into early autumn, now is the perfect moment to start looking, and particularly if you’d like to work as Santa or an elf in department stores and shopping centres.

You may associate Christmas jobs with the Post Office and high street stores bringing in extra workers during the holiday season, but the demand is higher and more diverse now. Even online retailers need extra staff. Take Amazon, for example. The site hit as many as 306 items sold every second on Cyber Monday a few years back and received around 6,000 orders per minute during Amazon Prime Day in 2017. Similarly, online fashion retailer Asos recorded 33 orders per second at its peak time. That’s a lot of shoes, jumpers and skirts! No wonder big retailers are taking on extra staff and it could be a way for you to land a Christmas job.

Those huge numbers may give you an insight into the way online shopping is changing our lives and the job market. As such, increasingly more jobs are created to deal with online demand rather than your typical shop floor work. That’s crucial for young people because it’s often the first step on their career ladder.



Be a postie or sorter with Royal Mail

Santa's hand holding letters

Unsurprisingly, Christmas is the busiest time for the Royal Mail. The flurry of cards and gifts has to be delivered – and on time. This means long queues in the post office at times but it’s also a sure sign they’ll need extra help in the run-up to the holidays. Perhaps that’s your Christmas job sorted!

As a Christmas casual employee, you can choose from a mix of full and part time indoor sorting positions.That’s early, late and night shifts. Those are available from early November through until 23rd December at many various sites across the country.

If you look at the Royal Mail website here, you will find pages and pages of Christmas vacancies in all parts of the UK. Because these jobs do go fairly quickly, it’s a good idea to apply as soon as you can.

And what about the money? Well, the rates vary from £11.40-£15.75 an hour depending what you do and were you’re based. Plus, you get to help spread the Christmas joy!


work in retail: get paid and get discounts

Christmas in retail often means killing two birds with one stone. That’s because working in shops over the festive period, you’ll not only get paid your hourly rate, but there’s a big chance for pretty good staff discount. Not a bad perspective, right? To help you narrow down your search in the retail world, here’re some of the big brands actively looking for seasonal help in store…


Asda have recently announced they are hiring 15,000 seasonal employees across the UK to help out with the busy Christmas 2021 period. 500 of these roles will be based in Asda’s depots, 1,500 roles are home delivery roles, and the remainder will be as store colleagues.

The family favourite retailer has suggested many workers will have the opportunity to work well into the new year. This is to give permanent staff a chance to rest and relax after the busy period. Additionally, there are many opportunities for temporary seasonal staff to become permanent too.

You can find all seasonal roles at Asda here.

With Christmas 2021 expected to be a big celebration for many, particularly after 18 months of lockdowns, Tesco have also announced they are recruiting. For the busy seasonal period, the supermarket giant are hiring a mind boggling 30,000 staff.

The roles will be at both Tesco Superstores and Express stores. The roles will range from store colleagues to aiding in picking online orders and shelf replenishment. Plus, just like with Asda, temporary colleagues will be encouraged to sign up for permanent roles when their contracts end.

You can find all of Tesco’s job openings here.

Sainsbury’s have also announced their biggest Christmas recruitment drive ever for 2021. The supermarket chain, who also own Argos, are hiring 22,000 new recruits to help with the busy period. Seasonal colleagues will help throughout the store, serving and helping customers, replenishing shelves and picking, packing and delivering online orders.

Overall, there will be 14,500 Sainsbury’s and Argos colleague roles available in stores. This includes 500 Customer and Trading Manager positions. There are also 3,000 online delivery driver positions on offer, and 4,500 warehouse and logistics openings. There are also 180 customer service centre opportunities.

You can find all opening at Sainsbury’s here.


John Lewis

John Lewis Christmas Job Website

John Lewis is recruiting for what they call ‘seasonal temporary Partners’ to work in their stores across the country in the run-up to Christmas.

Depending on what you’d like to do for you Christmas gig, you could apply for one of the two main roles:

  • Retail Selling Assistant
  • Retail Stock Assistant

If you’re successful, you’ll be offered a contract which may include weekend, morning or night work.

Around the busy Christmas time, you may be able to ramp up your hours – and earn even more money – particularly in the lead up to the holidays.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can get seasonal work at your local John Lewis store by signing up here.


Marks and Spencer

M&S Christmas Jobs Website Banner

M&S offers seasonal jobs every year and you can find out here what’s on offer and how to apply. You’ll find that the choice of work is huge and ranges from sales floor customer assistants to chefs, visual stylists and beauty customer assistants, or even warehouse operatives. As such, you can find a temporary job with M&S from September through to the New Year.

And you never know – your seasonal gig could even turn into a permanent career as it has done for some of the M&S employees. Hourly rates start at £9.20. Oh, and did we mention there’s a 20% staff discount?




Make money for Christmas: Christmas jobs available now

Yet another big company on the lookout for seasonal staff is Boots. As a Christmas Customer Advisor you’ll be expected to work the tills, help customers find the perfect present and ensure the shelves are well-stocked. Take a look at the variety of Christmas jobs available on their website.

There’re various shifts to choose from and you’ll be provided with training too. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, there is plenty to be done at Boots this Christmas!


Amazon boxes on Christmas doorstep

Amazon is extremely busy in the run-up to Christmas and it needs a lot of extra people for distribution centres. Most of the roles available will be in the company’s warehouses and customer service centres across the country.

Grab a Christmas job at Amazon and earn from £10.50 per hour in London and £9.50 per hour in other parts of the country. You can choose from twenty locations, you’ll receive training and if you do well, you might even be considered for a permanent job.

Click here to find out what Amazon jobs are available, select the vacancy you’re interested in and apply.



Argos website banner

Argos is also looking for extra staff across over 800 UK stores to help with the Christmas rush.

You can land a Christmas job in store, for instance, as a Customer Service Advisor, Stock Assistant, or if you prefer moving around, you could work as their delivery driver. See their website for details (only available around Christmas time).

If none of the above inspires you, simply search for Christmas retail jobs in your browser. Plenty of other shops look for temporary staff during Christmas – think Primark, Poundland, WHSmith or Next. Retail not your thing? Carry on reading for other Christmas job ideas.


Deliver catalogues and brochures

Magazine/newspaper in letter box

Yet another potential Christmas gig. If you don’t mind getting out and about, there’s definitely money to be made delivering catalogues and brochures over the festive season.

The great thing about this sort of work is that you can do it in your own time. Perhaps run some deliveries before going into your other job or when you have a spare moment from preparing for Christmas.

If that’s something you’d like to pursue, check out websites such as:

And take a look at your local papers and newsagents for work opportunities.

One thing to note is that you should watch out for companies asking for cash deposits for the items you’re delivering. Avoid those because they’re likely to be scams.

Check out our article here which has a lot more information on how to get work delivering leaflets and catalogues in your area.


Deliver parcels


Delivery giant UPS plans to hire a staggering number of 100,000 seasonal employees at thousands of locations this year, anticipating a surge in package volume that begins in November and continues through to January.

It’s a big number, but UPS is a big company. Spanning over 220 countries, the service delivers 20.7 million packages every day. In the UK, for instance, UPS employs approximately 8,000 permanent staff. It operates 60 facilities and it boasts a delivery fleet of more than 3,400 vehicles across the country.

Because the demand is huge, they need people. What’s more, the full and part-time seasonal positions can be an entry point for permanent employment at UPS. For example, many senior UPS executives – including CEO David Abney – started their careers with the company as part-time employees.

If you like the sound of it, you can apply online by visiting UPSjobs.com.


christmas Bar Work

Christmas bartender

Christmas isn’t only a busy time for the high street shops. Pubs and bars, for instance, often hire extra staff over holiday periods too. Why not checking for Christmas job opportunities at your local?

It can be a sociable job and if you’re willing to work on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, you can expect double the usual hourly rate. Apply now as these jobs tend to go pretty quickly, though.

Find out how to get bar work and restaurant work in our article here.


Promote clubs at christmas

Group dancing in a club wearing santa hats

Although it may sound too good to be true, you really can get paid to party. And Christmas is a busy party season.

Clubs in cities all over the country need more punters to come through their doors and spend money. Do you love clubbing, have lots of friends and boast good organisational skills? Then it may just be a Christmas job for you. The way it works is that you can make cash by bringing extra people through the doors and spending money at the bar. This is where being sociable and having a large network of people, both on social media and offline, will truly come in handy.

Admittedly, during the Christmas and New Year period, most clubs won’t need much help attracting customers. Still, they might need club promoters on quieter nights like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the venues get busier, they’ll also need more doormen, bar staff and hosts and hostesses. Perhaps check with your local clubs now and find out what thy may be needing over the festive season so that you can be the first one they speak to.

For more tips, read our article here with info on how to make money by partying!


sell your stuff online

Now for some more home-based activities to help you make extra cash ahead of Christmas.

Start with selling. If you have a spare moment, why not upload all the things you don’t want to various online selling sites and use that money to buy presents. While it isn’t strictly a Christmas job, it’s a great way to make some money. You could even buy gifts on the same sites you’re selling your stuff. Very convenient!


Sell your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games for instant cash using the trading site Ziffit. It’s a great website to keep in mind when you’re decluttering your house.

Using it is very easy – simply scan the bar-code on each item you’re selling using the Ziffit app and you’ll find out instantly how much you could get for each thing.

If you’re happy with the figure, pack up your stuff ready to be sent. Then, you can choose to be paid to your bank, via PayPal or by cheque. Postage is free, too. The process is quick and easy – take a look here for more details on how to sell on Ziffit.



ebay app on smartphone

For more ways to earn from home, try eBay. As you know, you can sell pretty much anything there. In fact, even if your items are broken or damaged, they might sell too. It’s very straightforward: simply prepare your things, upload photos, describe them well and let people bid.

Another great thing about eBay is that once you have made money selling your junk, you can then buy Christmas presents for less on the site.

But that’s not to say eBay is your only option. In fact, there’re some other places you can sell stuff as we advise in our article here. It’s certainly worth trying your local Facebook groups, Gumtree and eBid for different items as well. Still, though, for gadgets, collectibles and more, eBay is very handy!



Sometimes what you receive isn’t exactly what you hoped for. Do you have gift vouchers you got for Christmas which are still sitting idly in your wallet – and you’re not likely to use them?

If so, you can easily turn them into cash on Cardyard, a website enabling you to trade in your unwanted gift vouchers. You can easily earn some money this way and then buy new gift cards for less.


More ways to make money at Christmas

be a santa

Little boy in elf costume whispering to santa

You can work for high street shops and supermarkets in roles other than serving customers. Brace yourself; your Christmas job hunt is about to get merry.

For instance, big stores, shopping centres, entertainment venues and even outdoor council-run areas look for a Santa, Mrs Claus and elves for their kids’ grottos.

As you can learn from our article, there’s always a demand for Santas and elves. This could be your perfect Christmas job if you’re a natural performer, have some experience entertaining kids and, importantly, have a DBS check. Yes, you could really make money dressing up as a Christmas hero. Who wouldn’t want to embody the spirit of Christmas – and make money while at it?


make christmas hampers to sell

Christmas hamper

Hampers make for a thoughtful gift everyone loves but they can be pretty expensive.

That’s actually good news for you. If you’re creative, you could make hampers and sell them at car boot sales, markets and even through local independent shops. It’s something you can easily do in your spare time at home. Perhaps you could even get your kids involved in getting the hampers ready?

To help you out, we’ve put together a detailed guide including information and links to products in our article on how to make hampers to sell.

So, let your imagination run wild and make hampers using boxes, pots and even watering cans. Perhaps have a look around your house and you might find other creative containers.

So long as you know how to make things look pretty, you can use things such as:

  • cosmetics and foods from pound shops
  • home-made cakes and sweets
  • artisan oils, spices and vinegars
  • home-made cosmetics and toiletries (learn how to make them here)
  • anything else that looks cool!

Get creative and whatever doesn’t sell, you can recycle as presents for your friends and family.


find a job near you now

Need more options? Use the MoneyMagpie job tool, powered by ZipRecruiter, to find seasonal work near you now.

To find work near you, simply put your area into the box and see what jobs it comes up with.


what are you doing to make money for christmas?

Christmas is known as a time you tend to spend more cash than usual but with a Christmas job sorted, you might just balance things out. So, make the most out of the festive season. Perhaps think of it as a great opportunity to bag yourself a great job so you really can have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Let us know in the comments below if you have come up with your own ideas for this season!


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2 years ago

I am trying to remember to use the cashback sites to save some money. Always worth checking them before you do your shopping.

Charlie Brunton
Charlie Brunton
4 years ago

This year I started Christmas shopping in October & I have really noticed the difference it made to spread the cost out rather than making December a really expensive month! We also saved our Clubcard points all year & paid for Christmas food with them!

Alison Latham
Alison Latham
4 years ago

Every time Asda charge you incorrectly on your shopping bill, not only can you go to customer service and request a refund but you can also request a £2 ‘sorry’ card. Over the year I collect these and usually have enough for a good bottle of something that I gift to close friend.

Andrew Seaman
Andrew Seaman
4 years ago

Alright – how my son makes money at xmas is he puts christmas cards in the papers he delivers and as he delivers to lots of old people, they tip him more as on the gesture insuring an extra good christmas present for me 😉

Monika Bascombe
Monika Bascombe
4 years ago

I start saving £10 a week from the first week of summer, we shop presents quite early when they are on offer – also I use sellingsites to sell toys my child doesnt play anymore , this way not only i garger funds but also make space for new toys

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