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Earn money getting paid to deliver leaflets, flyers and papers

Joanna Robinson 16th Aug 2019 35 Comments

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Many people choose a paper round as their first job – and there’s nothing to stop you making a bit of money getting paid to deliver as an adult. If you’re after a simple job to make some extra cash, start distributing leaflets, papers and brochures.

In a world dominated by online advertising, all sorts of businesses still need people for so-called door drop marketing. That means companies will pay you to deliver publications for them. You may be dealing with any printed materials such as leaflets, flyers, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brochures or directories.

It doesn’t take much to get started if you’d like to get paid to deliver leaflets. And, as well as becoming an additional source of income, it’s a good way of staying active, fit and sociable.

Find out more about getting paid to deliver printed literature…


What do I need to make money from deliveries?

You won’t really need any entry qualifications to get paid to deliver leaflets. In fact, it’s a fairly straightforward job that pretty much anyone can take up, although a reasonable level of physical fitness will certainly help.

If you have restricted mobility or trouble lifting things, your options will be more limited. That’s not to say you’ll be ruled out from getting paid to deliver leaflets, though.

You’ll just need to make a realistic assessment of the demands of the job and your own capabilities before deciding whether it’s feasible to take on the role.

You might find that a car or other motorised transport may be a requirement – or a big help – but, depending on the work, other options may be suitable.

Getting a classic newspaper-round pushbike would be ideal for distributing materials. Or perhaps consider getting a hand cart.

If none of these are an option, that’s fine too. As long as you have a good pair of walking boots and a sturdy backpack, you’re good to go get paid to deliver leaflets.

Earn money getting paid to deliver leaflets, flyers and papers


How do I find work delivering literature?

There’s a number of ways to find delivery work; some of them obvious, others requiring a little bit of initiative. Think about some of these options:

Job centres

It’s the obvious place to start looking for a job – and firms offering work may well think so too! Pop in to check if there’s any work available to get paid to deliver printed materials.

Local newspapers

Check out the jobs pages of local newspapers. Some of these are online, but with many small, free papers you may be better off checking out the print versions.

Also think about contacting the papers directly. You may be able to easily secure a newspaper round, or the paper may be able to put you in touch with the distribution agent.

Classified ad sites

The internet is full of classified ad websites. Check out Gumtree and Craigslist, as they may well be a great resource for finding casual work.

Local shop windows

More traditional firms may prefer a more traditional classified ad – look out for card adverts in the window of your local shop or post office.

Job websites and email alerts

Recruitment websites such as indeed.co.uk carry delivery jobs. You can easily set up an email alert on sites like that to find out when new vacancies arise in the field of work you’re interested in.

Approach local businesses yourself

For a more proactive approach, go out there and ask. Try popping into local taxi firms, takeaways and other businesses to check if they need any help with distribution.

Leaflet production and distribution firms

There’re large companies specialising in leaflet production and/or distribution, such as Letterbox Distribution or Dor2Dor.

Try contacting such firms directly to enquire about work opportunities.


Can I make decent money delivering publications?

Earn money getting paid to deliver leaflets, flyers and papers

Getting paid to deliver literature is a low-skill job with few requirements. As such, it’s unlikely to be highly lucrative.

Expect to be paid by how many items you drop off or by the number of rounds you undertake. If a company is prepared to pay for your time, minimum wage laws may come into play. Try these top tips for boosting your delivery income:

Bulkier items should pay more

You may find higher wages on offer for delivering bulkier items, such as catalogues. Of course, those are heavy and your expenses are then likely to increase as you’ll probably need motorised transport.

Look for papers with leaflets

If you choose a paper round, you can usually expect a bit more money if the paper also contains separate advertising leaflets. In that case, try to find papers that you know use these (usually the freebies).


Inevitably, some companies will pay you more than others. Therefore, perhaps brush up on your haggling skills before negotiating your wages.

Double up your deliveries

Be smart about your work. If you manage to get two rounds in the same area, you may be able to do all the delivering at the same time. This means getting paid twice, from two separate companies.

Get the kids to help

Why not start your children in the world of work by getting them to help out on the round? You can spend time with them, keep an eye on them… and let them help with the leg-work.

New parents may even want to consider bringing the baby along – that Bugaboo pram looks like it can carry a lot of leaflets!


What to look out for with delivery jobs

Try to avoid leafleting schemes where you earn by commission only. In those cases, the company will have to make money from something you delivered.

There’d be no guarantee of this happening and, in any case, it could be difficult for you to prove.

As such, this leaves the serious risk that you’ll spend hours dropping off literature, only to get nothing in return.

You also need to be careful as some leafleting schemes are scams, so do your best to determine whether the company you’re thinking of working for is reputable.

Be especially cautious if it’s an online company without proper contact details. If it only has a mobile phone number or no proper address listed (perhaps just a PO box), for example, it’s not a great sign.

A quick Google search may help you get an idea about a firm’s reputation. Look for things such as media stories and people’s opinions on forums.

You can get a lot of information on a business for free from the government’s website using details held by Companies House.

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Paul Osborne
Paul Osborne
2 months ago

Looking for delivery work

Kenneth Harris
Kenneth Harris
5 months ago

I would like to delivery leaflets to earn abit of money in zouthend area please

5 months ago

hi there i would love to give out leaflets to people am very polite and caring towards others i would love to make some extra cash

Katie l marks
Katie l marks
7 months ago

I would like a leaflet or a newspaper delivery job please advise as I need some extra money and be ideal as I have a little one.

4 years ago

I’m so going to research this. I want to get healthier but I can’t justify gym membership so imagine my joy when considering being paid versus paying 🙂

Vintan Razvan valentin
Vintan Razvan valentin
7 years ago

I want this job i am interested what should i do?

7 years ago

I’m just wondering if me my mum and my girlfriend called do this job but with no cvs

8 years ago

Christmas Christmas, is coming soon, distribution job please ,as I have done this before ,enjoyed the work, how do you get started ?

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