ong-term unemployment

How to overcome long-term unemployment

01 March 2020
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Being a victim of long term unemployment can make you lose confidence in yourself. The longer your unemployment continues the harder it seems to be to break out of. As the gap on your CV between jobs widens, it can make us even more desperate to find work.

If you’re stuck in a job-seeking rut, then we may have some helpful advice below.

Government schemes

Long-term unemployment is a huge, national problem and you’re definitely not alone. The good news is there is a number of schemes in place that you may be able to benefit from. Each has different qualification criteria, so for more information on employment issues, Directgov has further advice.

But until then here’s list of useful schemes:

  • The Work Programme – This is a ‘welfare-to-work’ programme. Aimed at employers, it provides incentives to encourage them to employ job seekers through a series of payments. With further rewards if they employ a registered job seeker. There are bigger payments for those who need the most help finding a job. This includes those who’ve been job hunting for a long time.
  • New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) – This scheme has been set up to help unemployed people set up their own businesses. There are Enterprise Clubs available to where you can research and discuss your business idea, and help make it into a viable business pitch. If the proposal is approved, the scheme will continue to dispatch benefit payments for six months. It will also provide an additional start-up loan and access to mentoring support.

Prevent gaps in your CV

Come interview time, you’ll always be asked what you’re doing now, or what you’ve been doing since your last job. Remember “nothing” isn’t an acceptable answer. Although searching for jobs is a time consuming process, try to fit in some CV boosting activities around it. Employers are going to want to see you’ve used your unemployment in constructive ways.

Consider some of these:

  • Voluntary work – Volunteering is a good way to show your willingness to work. It helps you gain experience in your chosen sector and gives you something to talk about at an interview. Even just a couple of hours here and there will help.
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