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How to get paid to Orgasm

Vicky Parry 8th Mar 2022 4 Comments

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Get Paid to Orgasm is an Over 18 topic and the article contains subjects which some readers may find offensive and reference of a sexual nature. 

Last week, I was watching Naked Attraction on Channel Four and a woman said that she makes her money by “being paid to orgasm.” Like many viewers, I was immediately intrigued by what her job entailed! Was this a fun way she referred to her career in sex work or was it something else? The guest then went on to say to host Anna Richardson: “I’m used to nudity because I’m a sex toy specialist,” to which I started wondering, are there other ways that people can be paid to orgasm? So I got my MoneyMagpie hat on and did my research.

The short answer is … yes there are. And for this round up I am not including sex work – digital or otherwise. So if le petit mort is something that you rather enjoy … look no further.

1. Sex Toy Specialist

paid to orgasm

Let’s start where we learned about this with a specialist in sex toys. The woman on the show actually had a pretty niche adult-industry career opportunity and it actually requires a very specific set of skills.

From our research it seems there are two main ways you can make money testing sex toys; one is to get a job working directly for a manufacturer or you can set yourself up as a blogger and reach out to get paid for your reviews.

According to Red-light Network, “In 2020, the British online adult store Ricky offered the ultimate lockdown job for sex toy testers. This went viral in the UK and, with local and national newspapers spreading the word, the position was filled pretty quickly. Offering £100 (roughly $137) per sex toy tested, even if you only achieved one per working day this would equate to an annual salary of around £26,000 (approx. $36,000).

Freelancers, however, have to be more creative with how to earn their money by offering a featured review on your blog or via YouTube in exchange for cash can either be paltry or lucrative depending on how much traffic you receive. Many seem to actually get paid in sex toys, so it isn’t a great source of financial gain.

2. Scientific Studies

Woman holding magnifying glass over a brain

The Observations and Research in Gender and Sexuality Matters (O.R.G.A.S.M) Human Sexuality Lab in the department of Psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University was initially developed by Dr. Cory Pedersen in 2007 and became its established and productive form in late 2011. They have since become devoted to exploring the psychology of issues in human sexuality such as sexual orientation, commercial sex, and atypical sexuality in an effort to disseminate knowledge about these important topics in our society.
This scientific endeavour often have several requests for participants in research and offer bonds as reimbursement for your participation.

Another rather niche example is that of a woman who monitors orgasms in an MRI scanner. She is both a scientist and sex researcher, and to get paid for this job you need to be at doctoral or PHD level and the paid studies are very rare. This may not be the easiest or quickest route to devoting your life to orgasm.

The other would be to physically take part in a study or work for a company that specialises. One such company is OMGYES. 

In their hiring section they say “What if you could use the skills you’ve developed in your career to empower women? To reduce shame and aloneness. To increase confidence and joy.” The team are one of the biggest research studies ever done into female pleasure and work with doctors and specialists across the field. There are many job oppurtunities on their page.


3. Artistic Endeavours.

These can vary greatly in terms of how you class ‘art.’ One such project is called Beautiful Agony, a paid subscription website featuring head shots of user-submitted videos showing the participant having orgasms, without providing any visual description of what technique is being used, or revealing anything below the neck and upper chest. Each video submitted receives an upfront fee.
The site also specifies that they “pay contributors royalties for each view of their content, in addition to generous upfront shoot fees, and the system also allows contributors to earn cash for referring customers, and other contributors, to our sites.” The site also specifies that this is ethical erotica and zero nudity is shown and they are interested in submissions from people who have no experience at all in the adult industry. You must obviously be over 18 to partake in this project because although no nudity is shown it is of an adult nature and consent and legality of participation is important.

Images of Beautiful Agony are used by the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam in their exhibition Teen Facts about puberty.

4. Psychological studies


Psychological study

There are constantly requests for couples or otherwise to take part in psychological studies regarding sex. Most of these are via survey so not the most fun, but for twenty mins the average pay is about £20. There are lots here

To Conclude

You really can make money in all ways, including getting paid to orgasm. Although not an obvious and lucrative concept initially, there are many areas in which this can be done and you can even build a career around it. And if not, we hope you have enjoyed some of our more insant ways to monetise the big O. Happy International Women’s Day

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I’m interested

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