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Fraud still increasing – now’s the time to take action

Carl Brennand 25th Jul 2012 No Comments

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The latest Fraudscape Bulletin from fraud prevention group CIFAS reports that illegal activity is on the rise. 130,706 confirmed frauds were reported in the first six months of 2012, with half of these taking place online. The report states that 65% of all frauds now relate to identity details such as dates of birth, postcodes, email addresses and passwords.

With the right information, scammers are able to take out credit cards and rack up debt in your name – a scary thought for us all. The implications on your ability to get credit in the future – for a mortgage, say – are huge and should not be taken lightly.

By being a bit more careful with the information you give out you’ll help to protect yourself against identity fraud. Whenever someone asks for your details, always ensure they’re from a legitimate organisation and remember that you have the right to say no.

Fraudulent emails appearing to be from large companies such as PayPal or major banks are common at the moment. They’ll claim there has been a ‘security compromise’ on your account and ask you to confirm your details. This is always a scam. No reputable company will ever ask you to confirm your details via email, so simply mark it as spam and ignore.

If you’re worried about your credit score being affected by fraudsters then one way to keep an eye on it is with CreditExpert‘s free 30-day report. This helps you to monitor your financial situation and alert you to any unusual changes in your credit score. With 30 days free, you’ve nothing to lose with CreditExpert so it’s well worth signing up.

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