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The Pink Tax: Why women pay more for everyday essentials

Reading Time: 9 mins March is Women’s History Month, and after celebrating International Women’s Day ... read more

Search engines: Stop using Google and move to one of these instead

,Google is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular search engines, if not the biggest. original strapline was ‘Don’t be evil’, but oh boy ... read more

Beware of these top retailer tactics

Reading Time: 2 mins We all know that payday feeling: you’ve been going without treats ... read more

The Government must postpone the National Insurance rate hike

The Government is still set on raising the National Insurance rate by a steep 1.25% in April, despite calls from all sides to postpone ... read more

Exposing WhatsApp Scams

Reading Time: 3 mins WhatsApp scams are on the rise and the app is now ... read more

How to fact-check the fact-checkers

People have lost so much faith in the mainstream media that big corporations are now bringing so-called ‘fact-checkers’ to tell us, the media consumers, ... read more

Budget 2021: What does Jasmine think?

 The end of October saw the announcement of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget. In the first episode of Jasmine’s Column on our Youtube ... read more

Know your UK motoring laws or get fined up to £5,000!

Reading Time: 6 mins Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with the ... read more

Impersonation scams: How to protect yourself

Reading Time: 4 mins Impersonation scams are when a criminal pretends to be someone from ... read more

Cryptocurrency: how to protect your pockets from rising number of crypto criminals

Reading Time: 6 mins It is Take Five Week (13-17 September), and Take Five to ... read more

Benefits, furlough and price caps: recent changes you need to know

Reading Time: 12 mins The last few years have been hectic for all of us. ... read more

Online safety: the six Cyber Aware steps you need to be aware of!

Reading Time: 5 mins So much of our lives are online nowadays. Many people use ... read more

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