Feb 11

Beware solicitors that cold-call

I have just had a cold-call from someone who said she was from a firm of solicitors in the north called Goldsmith Williams.

Apparently they did the conveyancing for a mortgage I took out a few years ago.

That, they say, gives them the right to call me, even though I did not tick a box to say I was happy for them to call and sell me stuff!

They said they could help me get back money for mis-selling of PPI or any other dodgy activities by banks (there’s an irony – they help me to deal with dodgy companies!).

I was firm with them that I didn’t want to hear from them and that they should take my number off their books.

I also contacted my mortgage brokers to tell them about it. They said that they had cut contact with this firm a few years ago after they kept pestering their clients in this way.

They told me the firm “insisted on calling my clients for wills even though they had not requested a call, in some cases they called even when they were already informed in their initial client questionnaire that they already had a will.”

I had a look online to see if anyone else had complained about them. They have. See what is said about them on the Review Centre here.

I will be informing TPS (Telephone Preference Service) about them but I suspect there is not much they can do as I have had dealings with this company in the past.

But certainly, if you get a cold call from a company you have done business with in the past you can tell them to take your number off their list. Most will do so just because they don’t want to get a fine.

And certainly, if you want to use a solicitor, check the reviews online before you do. I will from now on!


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if you phone them back after a missed call they do not reply


I was cold called too. I was freaked out that a a solicitor had got in touch with me. You immediately assume it is something negative like a lawsuit or a car accident etc. I called them back after I received an answerphone message and no one got back in touch. That makes you even more paranoid.

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