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Make money renting out your home as a film set

21 November 2020
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It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but you can make money by renting your home as a film set.

Location scouts are looking for all kinds of properties and pay up to £2,500 a day to use your home.

Here’s a quick guide to renting out your home as a film set:

What does renting your home as a film set involve?

Film camera in someones home

Sometimes film and TV productions want to use a real location instead of building a set. This might be because it is cheaper or they may simply be looking for a location that is more authentic. No matter where you live, whether it be a stately home or a grotty little bedsit (no offence if you live in one), there is always the potential for demand.

If your house is selected then you will have a film crew around your house for an agreed amount of time. It may just be for a day or it may be longer.

Renting your home for a photo shoot

Female photographer photographing little boy

There’s also the opportunity to have your house used in a photo shoot, which is less invasive and can earn you a few hundred pounds.

These types of photo shoots could take the form of anything from a fashion feature where your home/part of your home merely serves as a backdrop or even an interior design focus where your space is the main event.

While photo shoots do come standard with a lot of people and equipment, they typically only last a few hours and leave less of a trace than their moving picture counterparts.

Not surprisingly, you get less money for photo shoots than for filming, but it’s still decent cash just for allowing others into your space.

Is it for me?

Film crew on set in home

Having your house appear in a film or TV show might sound like the perfect glamorous money maker. You can get paid a good amount and if you hang around during filming you could meet some interesting people – maybe even snare Hugh Grant as a husband! (Ok, maybe not…)

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