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The Best Places for Freelancers to Find Clients

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What Should a Freelance Contract Include?

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Make money as a film and TV extra

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3 ways to make money by telling your real life story

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Make money selling cakes, jams and sweets

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How to Make Money as an Actor

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Make money investing in garages

Reading Time: 8 mins Want to get into property investing with just a few thousand ... read more

Make money selling charity shop items for a profit

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New! The MoneyMagpie Podcast

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Six Ways to Make Money As a Musician (Even in a Pandemic)

Reading Time: 5 mins The dream for any artist is to be able to make ... read more

Make money as a golf ball diver

Reading Time: 4 mins Ever wanted to search for sunken treasure? Try your hand as ... read more

How to Get Work As a Creative Professional

Reading Time: 5 mins As the UK emerges from lockdown, lots of people will be ... read more

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