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How to make money as a twin!

Isobel Lawrance 18th Dec 2021 One Comment

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Today is National Twin day, in which we celebrate all things ‘twin’. National Twin Day celebrates all the siblings who enjoy a unique connection. Not only do they share a birthday, but they share everything, right from the very beginning.

Whether identical or fraternal, twins often have different personalities and unique traits. According to the Twins Trust, about one in 65 births will be twins, the result of an upward trend over the past two decades. In the UK, there were approximately 11,000 sets of twins born in 2019 alone.

There are many ways twins can use their shared genetics and likeness to make money. From modelling to clinical research, there are plenty of opportunities to use it for financial gain.

So, if you are a twin yourself, are the parent of twins or know a set of twins, make sure to check out our ways to make money as a twin this National Twin Day!


Take part in scientific research

twins research online

When it comes to scientific research, twins can provide valuable information and data. This research can give insight into a host of things, such as the science behind how multiple births occur and even genetics. There are hundreds of organisations and departments within health research that focus solely on twin studies.


TwinsUK is the largest registry in the UK for the study of twins. They have published 76 studies and appeared in over 800 publications since being founded in 1992. Their aim is to study everything about twins, including genetic variation, heritability, ageing and even vision and pain. They are also currently investigating the effects and biology of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, TwinsUK currently use volunteers for their research, but this organisation highlights the importance and usefulness of taking part in research as a twin.

Luckily for you, some research is paid, and can be a nice little earner. Not only will you be helping for the greater good of science, but you will be pocketing some cash.

Take Part In Research

Take Part In Research is designed to help people like you get involved in research, and it’s much more than a simple questionnaire. Once you have signed up, you can take part in market research conversations of 30 minutes to 2 hours in length, either as part of a group or one-to-one.

It is an engaging experience than taking surveys. Not only do you know you are helping researchers, but you can talk with others and share your thoughts and opinions. Plus, you know you are going to receive a payment directly to your bank account.

It takes just minutes to sign up, and there are hundreds of opportunities available. Although research specifically to do with twins may not always be available, it is worth checking the website regularly. Plus, you can do other research whilst you are waiting for twin-specific research to crop up!

Depending on the length of the research and the process, you could be paid up to £250 per study. Plus, if you need to travel for the research, your travel costs are re-imbursed. Most research is online and via video call, so is accessible and easy.

People for research

Companies and organisations across the UK will pay you for your time, opinions and feedback. Whether you are in London or Leeds, there is plenty available for you to get involved in.

As mentioned previously, studies regarding twins are not always available, but when they do crop up they can pay a nice sum. Not only do you have the opportunity to inform the design and creation of new products and services, you can receive your reward in both cash and gift voucher form!

Similarly, if you state you are a twin within your application to various research opportunities, it could give you an edge which other participants do not have. This may allow you to be chosen for more opportunities than you would otherwise.

The current opportunities available offer between £40 to £75 for up to 90 minutes of your time. Complete a few research opportunities every month, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

You can sign up with People For Research here.

Research Opinions

Another great website which pays for taking part in studies and giving your opinions is Opinions For Research. This is a fun and friendly way to voice your opinions and share your thoughts on various topics. Participating in research is vital for companies to understand the thoughts and opinions of various topics.

Opinions for Research often have studies available regarding family and being a parent. As mentioned, being a twin may give you an edge when applying for particular studies and you may be more likely to be chosen by the researchers as a participant. This is because you can give crucial and valuable insight into family dynamics and genetics which other people cannot.

The studies available on the site currently pay up to £150 for your time. Sign up here.


Clinical trials

If you want to continue down the path of scientific research, clinical trials may be the perfect route for you. Clinical trials involve the comparison of effects of different treatments.

Clinical trials are crucial to helping doctors understand how to treat a particular illness. It could benefit you, or others like you, in the future. You could be part of something wonderful. Plus, you could be paid a sum much higher than that of normal research.

If you decide to take part in a clinical trial, you could be helping people with certain illnesses or afflictions in the future. You may suffer from a particular illness or disease yourself, and thus become one of the first people to trial a new treatment.


There are some important issues to be considerate of when it comes to taking part in clinical trials. Firstly, they can be time-consuming. You may be expected to attend multiple screenings and follow-up sessions. Some trials may also require you to stay overnight and could even last a few weeks.

Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that there may be restrictions which come with taking part in these trials. For example, you may be asked not to eat certain food items or eat at all for a certain period of time. You may also be asked to not drink alcohol or smoke for a period.

It is a given that when trialling particular treatments or medicines may result in side effects. With new medicines and treatments in particular, the side effects may be unknown. Thus, these unknown side effects may be negative and result in discomfort.

You can read a full rundown of the questions to ask, what to expect and the ethics behind clinical trials on the NHS website.

Join a trial

There are many websites out there recruiting people to participate in clinical trials. In some cases, the organisation will be undertaking the trial themselves, but it may be that a company or corporations are using an external organisation to recruit participants on their behalf.


Trials4Us have been conducting medical research for over 20 years and pay generously for your time. During this period, they have helped develop new medicines to improve the lives of millions. The conditions they have created new medicines and treatments for include heart disease, hypertension and schizophrenia.

They are a leading clinical research organisation, and  adhere strictly to international standards of safety. They aim to provide the highest quality of care to each participant, and your safety and comfort is their top priority.

There are currently a range of open trials, some of which are paying up to £6,500! If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can view the website here.


Founded in Leeds in 1986, LabCorp carry out clinical research for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. They are committed to making progress in new treatments for a host of conditions, including diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

They have a huge number of studies currently open, with payments ranging from £792 to a whopping £6,210. Not only could you pocket a nice sum of cash, but you will be helping the future of medicine.

You can find the LabCorp website here.

Other trials

  • Quotient SciencesQuotient Sciences have seen over 10,000 participants through 1,300 clinical trials over the last 30 years. They pay for your time and travel expenses, with some trials currently offering almost £8,000.
  • MACEstablished almost 24 years ago, and cover multiple conditions, from eczema to Alzheimer’s. Plus, they pay a nice sum for your participation.
  • Hammersmith Medicines Research Hammersmith Medicines Research have seen more than 13,000 patients through 850 trials since 1993. They are currently recruiting for trials paying between £1,200 and £5,000.



There are hundreds of modelling agencies which specialise in recruiting twins. You don’t have to be the next Kate Moss to sign up, either. Many businesses use twins to model their goods and services, wanting everyday people to model their brand.

Whether you are a twin yourself or are the parent of twins, you or your children may just be what a particular modelling agency or business are looking for. Many modelling agencies specifically look for twins for their books, as it gives them an edge which other modelling agencies may not have.

Agencies will state on their website how to make contact with them. That is usually to fill out an online form with your measurement details and attach a photograph. It is always advisable to make an appointment before heading to the agency’s office.

Check their measurements to get an idea of who they take on – some agencies will want models with a specific look similar to their existing model database, while some will be looking for someone different.

Many agencies look for models of all shapes, sizes and skin tones, and don’t just want those who look like they are straight from a catalogue. You can read our article about how to become a model here. This article gives you the ins and outs of everything you need to get started.


Try your hand at acting

twin children actors

You never know who is out there, writing a screenplay or musical surrounding the adventures of twins. We have written articles about making money by becoming a film and TV extra, but if you are a twin and have a love for acting, you may want to shoot your shot at become a star.

Twin Agency

Twin Agency is well known within the media industry. They provide twins with time and attention to allow them to become stars and share their talents. Whether you are looking to start a career in film, television or theatre, Twin Agency is looking for twins to join them.

They are currently looking for a range of twins for media projects. From twins with white blonde hair to babies, there are plenty of projects available to apply for. Babies and toddlers are often in high demand too. This is due to child labour laws only allowing minors to work for a certain length of time.

If you have children who are twins, they may be able to get work on television or in film because of this. Give it a shot – you may have an Oscar winner in the making under your roof!

TV Twins

TV Twins is a talent agency geared towards the employment of siblings, particularly twins, in the media. They are contacted daily by production companies and casting directors for all sorts of work involving twins. This includes modelling, events, commercials and film and television.

They are always on the lookout for twins, both identical and non-identical from all backgrounds and areas of the UK. Plus, they are in contact regularly when jobs suited to you become available.

If this sounds like something you or someone you know could do, visit the TV Twins website here.

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