Make money as a TV and Film extra

Make money as a film and TV extra

06 August 2020
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Being a film and TV extra can be a fun and flexible source of income. And it’s not just for aspiring actors, either! Anyone can be an extra. You don’t need any professional training, just a few well-lit photos of yourself, and an idea of your measurements and you’re good to go.

why work as an extra?

Being a TV and Film extra is a great way to make extra cash

An extra is a ‘background artist’ – they’re the people you see milling around in all kinds of scenes on TV and film. You might be a WW2 soldier one day and a cafe customer the next!

  • If you’re interested in film and TV, working as an extra can be a fascinating and exhilarating experience. Being on a real set and watching a production come to life is a unique opportunity.
  • It’s incredibly flexible. Extra work can be used to fit in around other part-time jobs, studying, or be a way to earn cash on your weekends.
  • It’s easy to get into, and there’s work for everyone. You don’t need to have had any previous acting experience or formal training and you don’t need to audition either.
  • You also don’t need to look like a model to get work in front of the camera. Extras are there to make scenes look realistic, and productions will aim for a diverse group of people. No matter your age, gender, race, or whether you have a disability – extra opportunities are there for everyone.

However, don’t be mislead into thinking being an extra on a film set is always glamorous. You’re often working for long hours, with early call times, and wrapping late. But even so, if you’re prepared for this, go along with a lot of patience and a can-do attitude it can be a great way to supplement your income!

Using casting agencies

Going through a casting agency is the simplest way to get work as an extra. Although a lot of them charge an initial sign up fee and take a percentage commission, they do a lot of the work and admin for you.

Agencies who have been in the business a long time, and come with stellar reputations are:

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