Make and save money with a caravan

03 May 2022
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Caravan holidays offer a huge range of benefits. If you’ve ever used a caravan or mobile home, you will be aware of the enjoyment they can bring.

They’re undoubtedly more comfortable than a tent or shared hostel and far less restrictive than a hotel room or rented holiday home. Plus, campervan/caravan holidays are all the rage right now. Just search #vanlife on Instagram and you’ll find a plethora of people documenting their exciting caravanning adventures.

Of course, it’s also cheaper than a B&B or hotel. However, have you considered that owning a caravan can actually make you money, too?

Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can make and save money with a caravan:

Save money on holidays

Caravan by the sea

While the initial cost of buying a caravan may seem rather steep (usually between £6,000 and £14,000), it has the potential to save you up to £80k in the long run, according to Yours Magazine.

For this return on investment to happen, you would – of course – need to make use of your caravan on a regular basis. Instead of heading away on package holidays with your family (which could easily cost up to £1,000 per person), you would instead pack your caravan and hit the road.

Out And About Live has a handy guide to choosing and buying your first caravan. They offer advice on finance and payment options, things to remember when choosing a caravan and how to work out the best type of caravan. This is useful if you are a first time buyer, as it can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start.

List your caravan


It’s not to say investing in a caravan would be an absolute waste for the globetrotters amongst us.

If you fancy the idea of going on #vanlife type road trips once in a while, but also enjoy the prospect of jetting off overseas ever so often, you could always list your caravan for rent.

There are two main ways of going about this. The first step is to decide the type of caravan you want to purchase – static or mobile.

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