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Anybody Can Make Money With These Work From Home Jobs

Lucy Miller 29th Jun 2020 3 Comments

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The concept of “working from home” is all well and good. Sometimes, though, you need the guarantee that your remote role really is just that. You don’t want to end up being asked to pop into the office for a meeting or to “put a face to a name” at a moment’s notice. True flexibility at work comes from being able to work from home without any caveats, whatever your reasons are. 

Here are some work from home jobs that are exactly that! Whether you’ve got childcare commitments, a disability that makes commuting or office-based working hard, or any other reason that means a traditional office set-up is impossible, look for these jobs to earn money from home.

Online tutoring

Work from home as an online tutor

Unlike traditional teaching, online tutoring doesn’t come with a school or college that tutors need to attend. This means there’s no danger of you getting called out to a physical building. You can often also choose your hours to work around other commitments or health conditions. Online tutoring has taken off in recent years, with many parents and adult learners finding it more convenient than sending their children (or taking themselves) around to stranger’s houses to get extra tuition. 

The great thing about online tutoring, aside from the guarantee of being able to work from home, is that you can teach whichever subject you like. From Spanish to embroidery to GCSE maths, there’s not a lot that you can’t teach online. You could even set up your own YouTube channel and use it to offer snippets that encourage people to sign up to your paid services! 

Work from home in Copywriting 

Another hugely varied option, that really can be done from the comfort of your own home. Copywriting might involve writing for brands, small businesses, content marketing or advertising agencies, or in a whole range of other contexts. It can even include things like writing social media posts, emails, or blogs.

This is a great work from home job for students or professionals with a bit of experience freelancing. Or for anyone with a creative flair and the ability to listen and follow a brief, really. If you have limited mobility, it’s a great way to earn money from home – and you can use speech-to-text software to help, too. Get ready to sharpen your (virtual) pencils…! 

It’s not just copywriting that you can do, either. Check out our article about making money writing online for more ideas!

Customer service 

Yes, this might be an unexpected one. We’re used to thinking of customer service being manned by huge offices, filled with people in headsets. But actually, fast-growing start-ups that offer services to the public are increasingly employing remote customer service staff. Popular banking app Monzo is just one of the companies that employs full-time customer service staff on a remote basis. It’s a great way for them to offer real-person customer service 24 hours a day – as they can employ people across the globe to work in each time zone.

You’ll need to be confident with people and good at solving problems. Sometimes you’ll need to speak to customers on the phone, while other jobs are totally online – as web chat help – so you won’t need to talk to anyone. The online-only job is ideal if you’re likely to have children in the background, which isn’t so great if you’re on the phone! 

Work from home as a Virtual assistant 

Ever heard of small businesses or individuals employing remote assistants to help them with their admin? You should look into it – it’s something that has gone through a bit of a boom in recent years. Lots of freelancers with creative experience are making the move into becoming virtual assistants, so this is a great time to consider this as your next work from home job.

Tasks you could undertake might range from scheduling tweets and Instagram posts to organising travel plans or business flights, or even dealing with basic accounting. It’s a good idea to be very clear about your skills or experience from the outset. Highlight whether your skills and experience lend themselves to social media management, logistics, bookkeeping, or something else completely. With your offering clear, you could find yourself in high demand as a virtual assistant. 

The other good news is that many virtual assistants are based overseas, putting those who are closer to their clients in the UK at a premium. We all know that admin is a chore that many people wish they could outsource, so take advantage – and make sure you charge by the hour! 

YouTube creator

Work from home as a Youtube creator

We all know how successful the biggest YouTube creators have been over the past decade or so. Obviously, if you’re working from home you won’t be shooting lots of film outdoors or overseas – but if you can come up with a unique idea or one that taps into a current trend that can be done from home, you might be onto a winner. If you don’t believe us, just Google the unboxing trend, YouTube make-up tutorials, or “cleaning influencer” Mrs Hinch

It’s hugely important to get your branding and subject matter clear if you’re going to go down the YouTube creator route, and to know where and who your audience is. This isn’t something that you can go into without really thinking it through, so make sure you invest a lot of time at the planning stage! 

Work from home as a Video editor 

Marketing your skills as a video editor (note: not as a filmmaker or videographer, as this will require you to attend shoots) could be a great way to pull in some of that valuable work from home cash.

By editing other people’s videos to a high standard, you’ll be able to use your own software at home and send it back to them directly (or via an agency, if that’s who you’re working for). If you need to speak to the client you can do so on Zoom or via WhatsApp – both platforms that we’re all comfortable working with after the coronavirus lockdown.

You’ll need skills in editing (obviously), as well as the ability to listen, understand client needs, and follow a brief to the letter. Make yourself a website to start off with, and get your video editing work going immediately. 

In-home childcare 

This might be a great option for retired people, or those that already have babies or young children at home. If you’ve got childcare experience, you could easily set up a pick up and drop off system that sees parents leave their children with you for a few hours in the school holidays or at weekends. Make it clear that your service is entirely based in the house, and that you won’t be doing the school run or accompanying children to their outdoor or extra-curricular activities. A garden would be a bonus in this case! 

Have you had a great work from home idea that you’ve made you money from? We’d love to hear about it – let us know over on the forums.

More Ways to Make Money From Home

More businesses than ever are moving to remote hiring – since lockdown proved it can work and save them money! So, remember you can also check job boards for remote or home working jobs to find other ideas. Or, perhaps, you want to start your own business! If you’re feeling inspired and want more ideas for ways to make money working from home, try these articles next.

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4 years ago

Some useful ideas here.

4 years ago

As a customer service professional working for a telecoms company I think I would do well with the Customer Service gig.

Replying dropshipping emails can’t be that bad. I would also learn a lot as someone looking to get into dropshipping.

I have already created my profile on Upwork

4 years ago

So much easier to earn an income outside of the regular 9-5 these days. Work life balance is so important.

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