Selling homemade perfumes costs a minimal amount.

Make Money by Selling Homemade Perfume

12 March 2020
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Everyone from Mariah Carey to Beyoncé is at it. Yes, it’s the new ‘sleb’ thing – bring out your own perfume so that your fans can smell like you for £8.99. Of course, the ‘slebs’ don’t make their own perfume, they just put their names to it.

But you don’t need to be on the front of OK! Magazine to start selling homemade perfume. You could make and sell your own perfume and perfume-based products for surprisingly little cost. It’s not that hard either and you can almost always find what you need at a health food store.

How to make your own perfume

Before you can begin selling homemade perfume, you need to understand how to make a viable product. First, decide how strong you want your fragrance. Perfumes are the strongest, containing 15-30 per cent essential oils diluted in a base of alcohol, with a small percentage of distilled water. Less potent waters contain 5-10 per cent essential oils while colognes and body splashes may have 1-2 per cent.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favourite pure essential oils (such as rose, lavender or sandalwood)
  • Alcohol for cleaning
  • Fixatives
  • Eye-droppers
  • Small vials
  • Bottles or jars

The best alcohols are the highest-proof ones, as they contain the greatest concentration of ethyl alcohol: use 95 per cent grain alcohol (190 proof) or vodka (the highest proof available).

Fixatives prolong a fragrance. They are ingredients added to a composition to lend their overall rate of evaporation. Commonly used fixatives are sandalwood, benzoin, myrrh, vanilla and balsam of Peru. Other fixatives, particularly useful for oil and bath blends, creams and lotions, are tincture of benzoin, grape seed oil, castor oil, and liquid from vitamin E gel capsules.

You should use glass containers (rather than plastic) for preparing and storing perfumes. Make sure you record, date and name each blend and be prepared to wait for days or weeks once you have made your perfume as ageing is necessary to smooth out and mellow the raw-ingredient smell – allow your blend to age in a cool, dry, dark area.

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